The apartments are 45-90 sq.m.

Chocolate and other shades of brown at the heart of the fashionable dark interior


Increase the space you can without resorting to helpWhite color. It is necessary to choose what pleases the eye even at the entrance to the apartment. The psychologist Olga Makeeva managed to get rid of the sensation of a standard apartment and give it her own "I" Olga - a man who does not tolerate stereotypes, cliches and routine. Nevertheless, this did not prevent her from expressing her emotions in a dark, restrained tone, not in bright colors. Looking at the design decisions of Olga, you understand how stylish and comfortable the apartment in chocolate tones can look. And most importantly - not boring!

Olga Makeeva Psychologist, HR specialist, photographer -Olga, you bought an apartment on the secondary market, tell us what difficulties you encountered? - Most of all I was unpleasantly struck by the corridor. It looked like a compartment car - elongated and narrow. And also doors, a huge number of doors. In typical apartments, the corridor, unfortunately, often becomes not part of the apartment, but some kind of separate space intended for running from one room to another, and it turns out that it steals precious meters, because it is not perceived as a full-fledged part of the house. This became the main thing, which I really wanted to avoid in my future and, of course, as it already seemed then, comfortable housing. - What is “comfort” for you? For some, this is shabby chic, others see comfort in the classics, while others understand that they can be comfortable only in beige walls. - Comfort in my understanding - "it's clear that it's dark", my colors are dark, dusty, gray, brown shades, black. In the West, these shades have long been accustomed to calling "chocolate", and perhaps that is why no one is afraid of dark interiors. - Where did you look for inspiration when thinking about the design of your apartment? - In magazines and websites about design and interiors, including European ones. I decided that when entering the apartment I want to see not just another obstacle in the form of a door or just some part of the room, but something pleasing to the eye - for me it is a fireplace. - Where did you buy most of the furniture?- In large furniture hypermarkets: Grand, Hoff, IKEA. I gathered the dining group for a long time, because I wanted it to be interesting and at the same time comfortable, roomy and, so to speak, solid. The first were chairs, I chose from several models of designer chairs, their compactness played an important role in the choice. - What are you most proud of in your apartment now? - Most of all I am pleased that I managed to get rid of the feeling of a typical layout a little. - Your advice to those who are thinking about the design of an apartmentand cannot choose the style for their home. - I can advise you to highlight interesting moments for yourself in all interiors, and not only in your favorite ones - a combination of textures, colors, styles, planning solutions. It is imperative to assess whether they are applicable specifically in your living space, and how comfortable and cozy it will be for you. - Have you made all your dreams come true in your apartment? Do you want to change something? - Currently, I am comfortable in such an interior. There was no change in his desire, but details will certainly be added. In my free time I take pictures, I will definitely decorate the walls with my best works.