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Clean and humidify the air: 8 models of the most useful for home units

Winter is the period of the most severe drought in the apartment.Central heating batteries dry the air, and dust and animal dander cause allergies in children and adults. Today we will tell you how to cope with these problems. They say that thanks to air purifiers and humidifiers, you can forever forget about the night cough of children, dry and dusty air, allergies. Today we are examining this issue in detail. What are air purifiers and humidifiers? All these devices are divided according to their purpose. There are three types of them:

  • Air cleaners - able to completely cleanair from dust, tobacco smoke, odors, can carry out bactericidal treatment, and some models are equipped with an ionizer and air fragrance that not only moisturizes and cleans the air, but also relaxes.
  • humidifiers - these devices simply increase the humidity in the room and are also divided into three types. About them a little lower.
  • climatic complexes - combine in one case a humidifier and an air purifier. They can work together or separately. Sometimes they are called "air sinks".

Stepan Bugaev, interior designer - Dust -a colossal problem of our time, especially in big cities. And not only allergy sufferers want to get rid of it, but also everyone who takes care of their health and wants to breathe clean air without bacteria. Air purifiers are a filter system that helps purify the air in your home. There are both mobile cleaners and built-in ventilation systems. Mobile phones take up enough space and, as a rule, effectively purify the air around them. Built-in purifiers help to better purify all the air in the room. There are purifiers with ionization function. Opinions on the benefits of ionization vary widely. Someone considers this function a fiction, someone speaks of its undoubted benefits. Ionization saturates the air with oxygen and helps fight disease-causing bacteria, and ionization is also the prevention of influenza and other viral diseases. Air humidifier: which one is better If everything is very clear with air purifiers, then humidifiers are of different types, and they are divided into three categories:

  • traditional - the easiest to use andwork. In the case there is a fan that drives air through a replaceable paper cassette, impregnated with water. Thanks to this, the air slightly humidifies and cools. Cassettes of this humidifier have antibacterial impregnation, which is enough for 2-3 months. Evaporation from traditional humidifiers occurs without heating the appliance, so the humidity of the air is regulated independently. The higher the humidity, the slower the evaporation, and vice versa. If the air temperature in the room is high, the steam will go more intensively. For this reason, the unit is advised to be placed near the battery in winter.
  • Steam - work of two electrodes immersed inwater, to which the current is supplied, ensures the operation of this type of humidifier. The current passing through the water heats it, it boils and evaporates. It looks like a simple electric kettle. It is recommended to choose a steam cleaner with hygrostat (humidity sensor, which switches off the device immediately when the specified humidity is reached). When the humidity drops, the hygrostat will again turn on the device. With steam humidifiers, there is one danger - hot steam, which can easily be burned. Therefore, they are absolutely not recommended for premises where there are children, animals. And still in them categorically it is impossible to use distilled water - it conducts an electric current.
  • Ultrasound - splits water into the smallestdrops. The water from the tank, falling on the plate, vibrating with a high frequency, is split and thrown out in the form of a small cloud. The fan drives dry air through this cloud of smallest spray, fills it with moisture and sends it further into the room. Here filters are needed to purify water from harmful impurities. Or you should use distilled water. Of course, there are still models with the function of preheating water to kill bacteria and microbes contained in water. The likelihood of burns in the ultrasonic humidifier is excluded, and if you do not want the furniture to become covered with a white coating, do not use tap water for it.

Stepan Bugaev, interior designer - Rolehumidifier in a living room is extremely important. Too dry air is harmful to people with allergies, such air can cause headaches, dry skin and many other problems. This is especially true in winter, when heating is included in our apartments, or in the summer, when air conditioners are operating. The humidity norms of living quarters vary from 30 to 45 percent and are divided into zones-residential and common areas have different standards. Air humidifiers are mobile and built into the ventilation system. A few years ago there was a real boom in mobile air humidifiers. Now increasingly, humidifiers are built into the ventilation system. The main disadvantage of mobile air humidifiers is that they need to be constantly monitored - fill the reservoir with water, sometimes it is necessary twice a day. In a room with wooden furniture or decoration it is extremely important to constantly maintain a certain level of humidity. If you do not do this, the wood starts to crack, which is unacceptable, so you need constant monitoring of the water level in the humidifier. This imposes certain restrictions on personal time: it is difficult to leave anywhere for several days. Built-in humidifiers are directly connected to the water supply, they themselves maintain the selected level of humidity. Humidifiers have a relatively low power consumption. And this applies both to the built-in ventilation, and to mobile models. Our opinion:- Do not forget that humidity must be closely monitored, because high humidity is no less harmful than low humidity! As well as dry air, it can cause disease or contribute to the development of fungi if there is poor ventilation in the apartment. Climatic complexes: clean and moisten at the same time In climatic complexes, manufacturers use plastic discs with a perforated surface. Rotating like millstones, they collect moisture droplets, which are evaporated by the fan. They are very economical in water consumption, so the continuous operation time is longer than in conventional humidifiers. Most often, these devices are equipped with a water cartridge through which the air coming from the fan is blown. Water traps dust and makes it heavier. Therefore, all the dust remains on the cartridge, and the fan "distributes" clean and humidified air to the room. Функциональность и красота Сегодня производители household appliances for the home are trying to make it not only functional, but also beautiful. So you don't have to worry that a large air purifier will ruin your interior. On the contrary, it can fit perfectly into a minimalistic or hi-tech style. And some models are even in classic styles. The opinion of those who already have moisturizers andair purifiers: Maria Romanenko, lawyer: - We bought a Holmes humidifier two years ago, but since we live in a warm climate, it hardly came in handy. And only this winter, when the air became so dry that the skin cracked, we began to use it. The thing is definitely very useful. The main thing is to take proper care of it so that it works for a long time and efficiently. You can also treat a cough by adding a few drops of some aromatic oil to the water. Oksana Kashenko, editor-in-chief of - I have two small children, and like any mother I try to take care of their health. As soon as the first child was born, we bought a humidifier and put it in the room where our daughter slept. Then the second child was born, and a second humidifier was bought, in another room. With a humidifier in winter, children breathed more evenly at night. But the eldest coughed every night. Only opening the window helped. And then we learned that in addition to humidifiers, there are also air washers. Bought, as they say, on trial. And from now on we no longer run to open windows at night. My daughter stopped coughing, the air in the room is incredibly fresh and there is no "bath" effect, which used to be with a humidifier. Zhenya Lukina, accountant: - I bought the simplest Polaris humidifier, “for trial”. I must say, I don't really notice the difference in air humidity with and without it, maybe I need to measure it with a special device, or maybe just the footage of the room is more than the one for which the humidifier is designed. I love that it has adjustable steam levels and is almost silent. But the disadvantage is that if you pour non-distilled water or boiled (necessarily cooled down) water into it, scale forms (it will have to be cleaned off at least once a week), which is deposited in the form of a white coating on furniture and appliances. So what are the benefits of a humidifier

  • Few in the world today conducts wetcleaning the house daily, which means the risk of "breathing in" dust is very high. Humidifiers and cleaners take on a part of the "worries" of domestic petty dust, animal wool, collecting it in their tanks. So the probability of allergies and diseases of the upper respiratory tract decreases.
  • Some types of devices are able to adjust the temperature of the air in the room.
  • Where to buy humidifiers and air purifiers Ifwe convinced you of the need for this device, or you yourself have been going to buy it for a long time, we are ready to help you with choosing the right model. We've handpicked eight of the best purifiers and humidifiers you can buy for home delivery. 1. Traditional humidifier Aircomfort HP-501 Price - 2,990 rubles. R. Manufacturer: Italy Store: Able to humidify a room with an area of ​​50 square meters. Has a built-in hygrostat. Perfect for a children's room, as it is as safe as possible, has a low noise level and automatically turns off when the set humidity level is reached. Characteristics:

    • weight - 3,6 kg;
    • power consumption - 30 W;
    • water flow rate - 400 ml / hour;
    • the volume of the tank is 4.4 liters;
    • Dimensions (width) - 370 x 145 x 320.

    2.Ultrasonic humidifier REDMOND Price - 3 199 rubles. R. Manufacturer: America Store: Ultrasonic humidifier REDMOND RHF-3307 allows you to control the level of humidity and thereby create the most comfortable conditions at home or in the office. Capable of covering an area of ​​up to 45 square meters. Specifications:

    • power - 27 W;
    • water consumption - 300 ml / hour;
    • water tank - 3 liters;
    • is the function of air ionization;
    • night illumination.

    3.Humidifier Stadler Form Oskar O-020 Price - 4 893 rubles. R. Manufacturer: Stadler Form (China) Store: Stadler Form Oskar O-020 White has a stylish design and excellent performance. It has a low noise level, there is a hygrostat that maintains a user-specified level of air humidity, upon reaching which the device automatically turns off. There is a water level indicator - the model stops working in its absence. Thanks to a special filter located in the tank, the liquid is disinfected. Specifications:

    • weight - 3,8 kg;
    • power - 18 W;
    • the volume of the tank is 3.5 liters;
    • electronic control.

    4.Air purifier AIC KJF-20B06 Price - 7 890 rubles. R. Manufacturer: AIC (Italy) Store: Traditional humidifier with built-in air purifier. Able to clean up to 40 square meters. Powered by a charcoal filter. Perfect for any room, including children's rooms. Completely safe. Specifications:

    • maximum air exchange - 200 m3 / hour;
    • there is ionization of air;
    • there is air aromatization;
    • in the kit - remote control;
    • attaching timer.

    five.Air purifier Philips AC4014 / 01 Price - 9 640 rubles. R. Manufacturer: Philips (South Korea) Store: Philips electronically controlled air purifier treats up to 55 square meters. It not only perfectly copes with the task of air purification, but also looks perfect in the interior. Specifications:

    • type of cleaning - filtration;
    • Weight - 6 kg (with packing - 8 kg).

    6.Traditional air humidifier with TIMBERK THU UL 09 ionizer Price - 1 949 rubles. R. Manufacturer: TIMBERK (Sweden) Store: Easy-to-use and inexpensive traditional air humidifier. Perfect for small rooms up to 25 square meters and children's rooms. Specifications:

    • power - 16 W;
    • there is ionization of air;
    • type - desktop;
    • there is a flavor;
    • weight - 1,25 kg.

    7.Humidifier NEOCLIMA NHL-220L Price - 1 750 rubles. R. Manufacturer: NEOCLIMA (Greece) Store: Floor standing ultrasonic humidifier. Designed for small rooms, up to 20 square meters. It is safe for children and pets. Specifications:

    • weight - 2 kg;
    • there is a fan speed adjustment;
    • capacity of the water tank - 2,6 liters;
    • power - 30 W;
    • noise level - 35 dB.

    eight.Air humidifier REDMOND RHF-3302 Price - 2 789 rubles. R. Manufacturer: REDMOND (China) Store: A small stylish humidifier, suitable for small rooms up to 20 square meters. Perfect for a children's room. Specifications:

    • the volume of the tank is 2.8 liters;
    • power - 25 W;
    • body - plastic;
    • there is an indication of the water level.