Code Estrin in the Moscow exhibition hall

March 25 in the Moscow exhibition hall "GalleryA3 ", the opening of the exhibition of graphics" Estrin Code "by architect Sergey Estrin will take place. Roomble acted as the media partner of the event. The exhibition will run until April 5th. As part of it, all visitors will have to get acquainted with the graphic works of the architect Sergey Estrin, winner of the International Property Awards in 2012. Sergey Estrin, architect

In 1985 he graduated from the Moscow Institute of Architecture and five years laterentered the top ten best young architects of the Soviet Union, having received the opportunity to undergo an internship in Ireland. Currently, Sergey is the founder of his own architectural workshop, which began work in 2002. estrin.ru The architectural studio of Sergey Estrin quickly became one of the leaders in the field of corporate design, increasing the number of awards every year. Among them is the victory in the Lighting Design nomination of the Best Office Awards 2014 (project of the Baker & McKenzie office) and Best Office Awards 2010 (project of the Johnson & Johnson Visual Care Institute). Sergey Estrin has implemented over a hundred differentprojects, in each of which he personally took part, coming up with and drawing an idea. Bright, non-standard, ambitious, expressive - these are not all epithets that can be chosen for an architect's projects. Our principle of work in interiors is to find a vivid image, expressive plastic, sculptural, whatever, but our own for a specific place and a specific client - as a gift to him personally. Getting something personal, which continues to be liked for many years, is in great demand today by the customer. A modern interior is the creation of an emotionally rich space.

Sergey Estrin Sergei Estrin has been drawing for many years. His architectural drawings are not just a collection of graphics. Fantasy interiors and exteriors, which often were not just ideas, but also a way of communicating with customers, can now be seen by every visitor to the exhibition. More than 70 works have been collected in the halls of the gallery,made with ink, pen, watercolors and even gold leaf. Elegant graphics, installation and an unusual solution to the exhibition space will help the viewer to plunge into the architectural world of Sergei Estrin and, possibly, unravel his "code"! estrin.ru estrin-notes.livejournal.com