Garage arrangement

A collection of photos of competent arrangement of the garage

Today, garages are vitalimportant additional facilities in modern facilities. Their main function is to protect your cars or other vehicles from weather disasters. But the increase in the number of extensions attached to houses in the 1950s meant that in the future they would become integral parts of buildings and would serve other needs of the owners. Today it is more than just a place to park cars and motorcycles. In them, we store clothes, holiday decorations, tools, bicycles, oils and chemicals, and much more. And some people manage to find a place for everything at once: a workshop, a hobby room, a laundry room, a yoga studio, and even a cinema can be located in the hangar. That is why we want to know: how did you equip your garage so that it worked for your home? We ask to take a picture and tell what storage systems for the house help rationally arrange the space of boxing. Authors, send snapshots of projects that you have created recently, and explain what makes them special in terms of exploitation, storage and pastime. We want to see your garage interior designs.

Here are some examples.

In the parking lot you can organize anything. For example, in this room in San Diego, designed for one car, many things are concentrated: surfboards and bicycles, half a dozen accessories for dogs, countless helmets and containers for things are located. And yet it still looks open and neat. Even small storage systems help organize the disposal of unnecessary or out of fashion items such as this old chest of drawers. A practical solution from Rosalie Garde Steel shelves and racks, racks and large plastic containers save from confusion and look very laconic. Monkey Bars of Wichita Of course, humor also helps. This photo shows how with a few wall stickers you can add enthusiasm to a very boring and utilitarian space. pennyforyourthoughts This landlord useshis garage as an entertainment center where he can watch TV, drink beer and smoke cigars. It also stores bicycles, strollers and toys and is located in the courtyard, where you can easily have a barbecue and enjoy swimming in the pool. That's why men need their own “caves” in the house.