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Color in the interior: 5 unusual solutions

Add bright colors to the interior - the taskA noble, but difficult to do. Someone is afraid not to guess with a combination of shades, others do not want to use the old ideas. We offer several unusual ways to use color in the interior. Today, designers are increasingly attracted by the possibility of using the interior of the room with juicy colors. Bedrooms, living rooms, kitchens - everything starts to look in a new way with the correct and bold work with color. Many are afraid to add color to the apartment, explaining this by the fact that with this design it will certainly turn into something clumsy and clownish, where it does not want to return. We bring to your attention design solutions that will prove that the bright color can find its place even in the strictest and elegant interior.

1. Giving color to architectural elements

One of the successful and unusual color solutions inThe design of the room becomes the coloring of various architectural elements. It can be window frames or ceiling, batteries or flooring. Such ways of putting a bright accent on the interior require sufficient courage, but when used correctly, they always look winning and unusual.

2. Color the door

For those who are afraid to bring theirThe apartment immediately has a lot of color, this option is ideal. A bright accent can be made on the interior doors. In this case, the room itself can be made in a calmer range, and such a color spot will only emphasize the perfection of the interior. Our opinion: - In order to realize this idea, it is not necessary to acquire a new door. The best solution is to give a second life to the old, painting it in an unusual color.

3. Furniture in the color of the walls

More and more often in modern interiors, you canSee the combination of incongruous, at first glance, colors. However, experience has shown no less interesting result, if you combine the same color. Selection of a bookcase or a wardrobe for the color of walls will not only visually expand the space, but will also turn any room into a modern and convenient place for rest of all household members.

4. A mixture of color and pattern

The combination of different colors in the interior of no onesurprise, but if you mix not only colors, but also texture and patterns, you will get a completely unique design. Nevertheless, do not forget that it is undesirable to mix more than four colors.

5. Two colors and coloring in the interior

Painting walls in two colors is always popular. The most daring decision will be the "careless" painting of the walls. This may be the effect of incompleteness, when the joints of two colors are joined by an uneven line. In this case, the more torn edges will be at the color boundaries, the more interesting it will look. Another option - when painted not only part of the wall, but also a part of the objects that this wall has. All this will help unobtrusively add color to the room. If the courage to paint the walls in this way is not enough, you can try this option on furniture. A more relaxed way of two-color coloring is coloring, when one color gently passes into the other. Such a solution, as a rule, looks unobtrusive, but at the same time significantly adds color to the interior of any room. Our opinion - If you want to emphasize yourindividuality with the help of the interior of the room, then such a color solution is an ideal option for this. Soft transition of colors at coloring perfectly will approach those who wishes to relax in the room. And on the contrary, "negligent" painting of the walls will show everyone that the owner of the bedroom is a man of courage and creativity. In any case, each of these ways of mixing two colors will help add brightness to the interior of any apartment. DIA Architectural Bureau, Alexey Katyushin, Decorkuznetsov Design Studio, Julia Katsyanova, Tatyana Mikheeva, Igor Gorshkov, Istomin Cyril, Muravina Anna,,,