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Interior color: 15 ideas in wine shades


In honor of the holiday of the young wine of Beaujolais nouveau, we decided to recall the wine shades and how cool they look in the interior. And we have at least 15 proofs to this statement

Every third Thursday in November in Franceis celebrated with the celebration of Beaujolais Nouveau. Today the whole country walks, takes samples from the wine of a new crop. At night, on the town square of Beaujolais, the inhabitants came out with torches from the vine, and at midnight they opened up huge barrels of young wine.

In honor of the drunken action in two and a half thousand kilometers from us, we decided to recall the once-extremely popular wine shade of Marsala and picked up 15 interiors with it.

The rich color of wine can be brought to the interiordifferent ways. The easiest and safest is to work with accents. Details of textiles, accessories, utensils and even indoor plants that blossom in the right range will help create the right mood and add a sense of warmth to the space.

If you are ripe for more global changes, we suggest considering the option of painting the walls in a shade of wine. It is best for this corridor, hall or living room. Are the red walls for you too much? Sew new cases on furniture or drag a few chairs with velvet in wine color. Recall that you can also paint the ceiling, floor and doors. Just choose one. An overload of such a strong color will turn a headache for you, and pretty soon.