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Colorful interior: the five brightest apartments of the year -


Are you still afraid of color? Our five of bright apartments will save you from a phobia of color

Let's not hide, we are all to some extentwe are afraid of color. We doubt that we can get along with the saturated walls of the kitchen, a bright sofa in the living room and a languorous burgundy ceiling in the bedroom. However, a colored interior is not necessarily an extreme. In the skillful hands of professional designers, even the most shades can painlessly "lie down" in a monochrome interior. Our five of bright projects of the year is the best proof of this.

is made for a young family of three people: husband - 37 years, wife - 32 years and a teenage boy - 12. The hosts are very fond of Brazil, her husband's work is associated with frequent trips to this country, so the theme for the interior decoration was palm trees, exotic animals and jungles. Julia Arslanov managed to bring the Brazilian spirit to the apartment.

The project that we will show you today is unusual. Turning to designers, customers - whether a large family or a hardened bachelor - are almost always asked to create a practical and cozy interior in which you can relax after work, spend time with each other and just gain strength.

designed by Victoria Pashinskaya, and wishescustomer - a young, but already very successful businessman 27 years - were far from the traditional. In his possession is not one real estate, so this little odnushku he decided to turn into a real mini-club. Victoria and her team were given complete freedom of action with a single wish: to create a bright, emotional and exhilarating consciousness of the interior, which is ideal for parties with friends.

Looking for fresh ideas for apartment design? In their more than. There is an unusual kitchen apron that goes beyond the kitchen, and a turquoise children's room, and a well-designed kitchen-living room.

Designer Elvira Narotneva joined the stage,when the construction was already begun. It was necessary to help the customer with a choice of finishing materials, furniture, and also to develop a color and style solution of the interior.

Hosts, people with taste and many interestingideas, began the renovation, as is often the case, independently and with enthusiasm. In the process of work, it turned out that it was not possible to put together a mosaic of all the selected things, and at this stage the customers decided to turn to the services of a professional. Decorator Diana Mukhtarova undertook to combine various colors, textures and shapes into a single ensemble and make the interior of the apartment more functional.

In this apartment everything was possible - re-planning allowed to find a place for laundry, roomy dressing room and additional bathroom, and a bright color solution added character and style.

By combining the kitchen with the living room in, the authorAlexandra Melnikova, managed to allocate a place for a laundry, and the redevelopment helped expand the functionality of the private area - this is how a spacious dressing room, a balcony and a private bathroom appeared in the master bedroom.