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The color palette of the new season - 2016 by Pantone -


Prepare for repair and can not decide in which palette to decorate? Our inspiring list of shades that will be fashionable next year will surely give you a couple of ideas

Soon there will come a new year, so, it's time to thinkAbout the future of interior design. Today we will be helped by the Pantone color institute. And if this world-famous authority in the field of color usually gave us only one shade of the year, then this time we got a whole palette.

This year, the whole world did not have enough reason for joy - probably, that's why Pantone decided to paint the next week's life in a life-affirming orange shade with the spoken name Fiesta.

The green tint of Green Flash will be especiallyIs actual in a cold winter, when the summer seems distant and unreal, the world outside the window devours white whirlwind, and spring is as far away as the world without wars and famine.

With a cool blue hue Limpet Shell is betterDo not overdo it. In a dosed version, it perfectly fits into the living room and will give the desired degree to the color dynamics of space. The main thing is not to get carried away.

The shade of Lilac Gray, in our opinion, can be safely called the most feminine of the entire palette of the year. This color is slightly lighter and airier than lavender and it will look great both in the living room and in the bedroom.

The color with an invigorating name Iced Coffee, we believe, you can not hide among accessories and decor items, and safely give into his power the whole wall.

Peach Echo's mellow peach shade will have to taste always constantly puzzling over new ideas for lovers of neutral interiors.

Settle the sun in the interior next year will help a juicy shade of Buttercup. We recommend that you confine yourself to one piece of furniture in this color.

Touching ladies and tireless romantics inThis year was especially lucky - a good half of the palette was literally created for them. The shade of Rose Quartz can easily find a place in the living room, as well as in the dining room.

Blue shade with a calming nameSerenity is ideal for a room in which next year you plan to relax and restore the internal harmony that was squandered over the past year.

This color called Snorlkel Blue is sure to be a hit next summer. A saturated blue shade will perfectly fit into the living room, even if you decide to paint all the walls in the blue.