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Fall colors: how to decorate a house with leaves


The autumn melancholy has attacked you? After this article you will fall in love! We will tell you how to raise your mood with the help of natural decor - foliage. Red, yellow, orange leaves will make your interior bright, interesting and not at all boring. Autumn is not only slush, gusty wind and a gray sky above your head. Autumn is a bright palette of colors, spicy aromas, golden sunsets, a time of inspiration and creativity. Even if your profession is far from art, try yourself in the role of an autumn artist. Instead of colors, use fallen leaves, now it is just saturated with shades and burns with fiery red, magnetic yellow, deep terracotta and warm brown flowers. Excellent material for the autumn decor of the apartment!

Entertainment for the whole family

Now the trip from the store or home from work is notit will be boring, for this you can even get the whole family together in the park - breathe some air, have a good time with your loved ones and go to the interior with benefit. Autumn leaves are good because they are a versatile material. Decorative wreaths can be woven from them, complementing them with twigs with red berries or acorns. They also look good, just standing separately in a transparent vase, flask or jar.

Exclusively and tastefully!

If you are a supporter of creativity and love to createdo-it-yourself beauty - dream up. For example, decorate large candles with leaves, create a whole composition. Pour some corn kernels into tall clear glasses. Then lower a metal circle-candlestick on them, and place a candle decorated with a leaf on it. Secure it with regular linen string. Voila! The creative decor is ready! Our opinion: - Leaves, beautifully laid out on the table and complemented by vases with autumn flowers, for example, chrysanthemums, will also help make the interior playful and interesting. Or hang the leaves right above the dining table in the living room area. Just attach them to decorative laces. To enhance the effect, select the leaves - from large to small (top to bottom).

Leaves, leaves, what leaves?

Real autumn is often different from the calendar- Snow may fall in mid-October, and warmer in November. With such drops, the foliage from the trees crumbles more actively, and if you suddenly did not find worthy specimens to decorate your home, do not rush to get upset. Wall murals depicting an autumn park or twigs with leaves drawn by you will help to add a touch of warm autumn mood. Draw them on a wooden board and place them on the fireplace or, if you are ready for radical solutions, paint a white wall. Involve children in the process - they love to create, especially when it comes to co-creation with their parents. Our opinion: - As a last resort - create a composition of autumn branches and complement it with vases of autumn shades.

Accompanying accessories

Don't limit yourself to just leaves.Use terracotta or dark orange pillows and curtains for a more dramatic fall interior. It can also be a print with autumn leaves on textiles, which will look very cozy with your new decor. Pumpkin is another fall attribute. She is often decorated with exteriors and interiors. They put it on bookshelves, put it on the floor or on your favorite bedside table. Why not use leaves and pumpkins in one composition? A very effective and beautiful technique that immerses you in an atmosphere of warmth.

Fall in love with autumn - the mission is feasible

Is autumn not your favorite time?Maybe you should look at this time of year with different eyes? Breathe in this refreshing, slightly spicy air, catch the faded, but still warm rays of the sun, enjoy the beauty of autumn landscapes, and you will not be afraid of any depression. Leaf décor will bring warmth to your home. In addition, he is able to make the necessary accents, thereby diluting the monotonous interior. The shades of autumn also have a positive effect on the psyche, balance and soothe. Discover another autumn - bright, colorful and interesting!