Painting walls or gluing wallpapers: advantages and disadvantages

Until recently, the wallpaper was given the leadingplace among the finishing materials. It seemed that the paint was a thing of the past. It was used only for finishing works in hospitals, schools and other public buildings. But today the fashion for paint returns, and many owners are wondering, or glue the wallpaper. Repair in the houseTo determine whether to paint walls or glue onthem wallpaper, you need to determine the type of walls and characteristics of finishing materials. In many ways, the answer to this question depends on the person's personal preferences, as well as on the initial conditions under which the finishing work will be done. In addition, the choice may be affected by factors such as the shortcomings and advantages of one or another type of material. To determine whether the walls are painted or glued, you need to consider the basic characteristics inherent in paint and wallpaper.

What characteristics are inherent in wallpaper

The advantages of wallpaper are known to all. For a long time they occupied the first place among the finishing materials and became fond of many homeowners. But, despite this, not everyone can guess about all their pros and cons. The presented information will help to learn about this finishing material a lot of new and interesting facts that can influence the choice of the method of decoration. Back to contents</a> Advantages and advantages The following qualities should be attributed to the merits: Types of wallpaper with advantages and disadvantages.

  • The wallpaper does not require a specialpreparation of walls. All that is needed in this case, remove the old material and apply several layers of a special primer for better adhesion of the canvas to the wall surface. It should be noted that some types of wallpaper can be glued to almost bare concrete, the quality of the coating from this will not get worse.
  • Thick wallpaper - vinyl, non-woven and paper - perfectly hide the defects of the walls, which does not require the use of plaster for finishing works.
  • In order to glue the wallpaper, it is enough to buy special glue. At the same time, today we offer a wide range of adhesives, among which you can choose expensive and more budgetary options.
  • Cloths of modern wallpaper are of high decorative qualities. Such coverage can create a cozy and stylish room, without requiring the addition of other accessories.
  • A huge plus of this material is environmental friendliness. So, paper and non-woven fabric are completely non-allergenic materials that can be used in decorating children's rooms. The pattern is applied to the wallpaper by printing, and no harmful impurities and substances are used.
  • Many canvases produced on the basis of thick paper are distinguished by their high noise and thermal insulation properties. This figure is significantly higher than that of paint and other finishing materials.
  • The main difficulty in the labeling of the wallpaper is cutting the canvas and matching the pattern. With due attention to this, even a layman can cope.
  • The ability of the paper to "breathe", letting air through the pores, prevents the appearance of fungus and mold on the walls.
  • All the above advantages of wallpaper can push a person in favor of their choice, but before you glue wallpaper, you need to think about their disadvantages. Back to contents</a> Disadvantages and disadvantages Select wallpaper before gluing.

  • Strange as it may seem, but it is the good adhesion of the canvas to the surface of the walls that should be put into the passive. In order to free the walls from the old coating, you have to spend a lot of time.
  • If the material does not have a specialwater repellent coating, dirt from its surface is almost impossible to remove. Under the influence of a damp cloth or sponge, the canvas is deformed and loses its appearance.
  • The wallpaper is very easily amenable to all kinds of mechanical damage. For example, they can easily be spoiled while carrying around things.
  • This material can not be used in rooms with high air humidity: it will not only wrinkle, but will also become unstuck, stained, and discolored.
  • Almost any kind of wallpaper is not durable. After 5-10 years, the coating will require replacement, as the base will fade, become dusty and lose its natural attractive appearance.
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    Characteristics inherent in the paint

    When mention is made of paint, sucharguments, both durability and resistance to mechanical damage. But is it really so? It is necessary to consider whether it is so good to paint walls, as is commonly assumed: Table of characteristics of paints.

  • Despite the fact that the walls can only be painted aftertheir careful preparation, this process will benefit all living in the room. In fact, simultaneously with painting, it becomes possible to repair cracks, remove dust and refresh the surface.
  • Walls painted with almost any kind of coloring material can be washed. They are removed not only dust, but also hard-to-remove stains from coffee, felt-tip pen, berries, etc.
  • With the help of paints can be painted in the walls in any desired color, using either one color, or a combination of them. By adding a color, you can achieve the desired color saturation, the desired texture or color.
  • Even such a durable and durable substance as paint has a number of drawbacks: Painting the walls is simple and fast, without having to buy expensive equipment.

  • Independently prepare the walls for painting is difficult. This requires not only a special tool, but also professional skills.
  • When choosing which is better - to paint or glue,it is necessary to take into account the factor that it is quite difficult to paint the room "from scratch" to the layman. It is desirable to entrust this process to professional decorators, whose services today are not cheap.
  • Painted walls will require regular maintenance. So, they can not only be washed, but also necessary. The more often the walls are washed, the less dust there will be in the house.
  • To purchase really high-quality andfashionable dyes will require substantially devastating the family budget. In addition, the purchase of stencils or textured paint, capable of decorating the room, is also not a cheap exercise.
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    Basic recommendations for choosing the finishing method

    The best option is wallpaper for painting. Such wallpaper can be repainted several times. So what to choose: paint or glue? If even after getting acquainted with all the advantages and disadvantages of the finishing materials, the question remains open, there are several main factors to be guided by. First of all, it is necessary to consider who will repair. So, if repair the premises will be hired workers and contractors, they will be able to qualitatively prepare the walls and paint them. If the repair will be carried out on its own, as wallpaper, it is better to use wallpaper. Then you need to calculate your financial possibilities. Painting looks more expensive, and if the budget is limited, it is advisable to use wallpaper gluing. To carry out the work will require very few tools and materials: wallpaper, glue, sharp knife, glue tank and roller for its application. It is necessary to consider for how long the repair is being done. There are many people who are accustomed to update the design of housing once in 2-3 years. For such homeowners wallpaper will be the perfect finishing material. If repairs are made for many years, it is better to use paint. Having become acquainted with the presented information, it will be easier to navigate the world of modern paints and wallpapers. And this will lead to the fact that the problem of how to paint walls or glue, will be solved faster. In any case, their own taste and preferences should be of decisive importance in the selection.