Fireplace for the New Year: decor ideas for warmth and comfort


If your house has a fireplace and a traditionGather around it in the evenings, then you probably already thought about how to decorate it on the eve of the holidays. Our selection is useful to you

We have fireplaces and very much about them. On the eve of the holidays, we thought about how to decorate this most famous symbol of home warmth and comfort.

Option for those who do not like to "bother": candles, branches from artificial spruce and "snow" from a can.

The gray color of the walls is perfectly combined with silver and neutral natural shades of stone, wood and greens. In this example, all this is, and therefore the result looks very fresh and organic.

Large fireplace - large forms and large-scale solutions. Pheasant feathers and brushwood look amazingly harmonious together, and the garland ties all the parts together. Related Articles

In winter, we really miss the sensation of fire, the sun and, as a consequence, red color. Here its concentration is maximum, but how great it turned out!

The secret of the fabulous atmosphere of this decoration is in the rounded forms of the portal and mirror, reminiscent of Alice's travels and magic, which is at arm's length.

Do you have too many balls, and the place on the Christmas tree is over? Here's the solution for you!

The shade of tiffany is beautiful at any time of the year. Make it the theme of the New Year holidays - one of the best and most original ideas.

Do you like to make an indelible impression? Learn to combine shapes and textures. In this example, everything is perfect.

Passionate fans of minimalism style will understand, appreciate - and go in search of the same lattice.

Brown does not associate you with the New Year? Just look how great it is with the spruce and the white background.

An excellent example of the use of classical laws of layout and canonical New Year shades.

The secret of organic decor with the maximum amount of gold - in skillful juggling with its shades, from bright yellow to muted, patinated.

Do not limit yourself to the decor of one portal. When finished with the fireplace, go to the coffee table. Related Articles

Violet is perfectly combined with red and green, and if you add reflective surfaces, consider that the effect of the design will double.

Creating a similar composition is better to begin with a sketch, on which you reflect all the volumes, textures and shades.

Guess what inspired the author of this decor? That's right, a mirror. Looking for original solutions? Try to move away from the usual themes of bearded peasants and snow maidens.

New Year is a family holiday, which means it's time to get grandmother's decorations, mother's dolls and all the antiquities that will be found in the house.

Rust, patina and the symbolic expression of absence of time as a unit - this is sometimes all that is required for a festive mood.

White is boring and cold? Only not in the New Year!