Summer houses: interesting projects and photos for 6 hectare

A useful and extensive guide to articles forThose who have decided to build a summer cottage, but have not yet decided on how it should look. Planning to build a summer house, but are in disarray about which house is better to erect on the site? We have 53 great ideas for you, each of which is remarkable in its own way.

Stylish house for a small cottage

If you agree to the interior without much frills andWhile dreaming that your summer cottage was functional and bright, then it will definitely inspire you. A great example of how you can build a compact holiday home, combining simplicity and originality.

15 small wooden houses for 6 hectare

Are you worried that your site is too small to build a full-value holiday home? We offer you a selection. They are perfect for 6 hectare, and at the same time they contain everything you need.

6 projects of houses up to 130 m²

Russian companies offer manyVariants of houses for a country plot. Often to understand all the pros and cons - and even stop at a successful design - it is not easy. We prepared to make it easier for you to decide.

7 houses that can be built in 3 months

Prefabricated houses are a great opportunityTo get a summer cottage in rather short time. In addition, often such buildings are much cheaper for owners than usual. Are they intrigued? We tell,.

A tiny house, in which there is everything

It's hard to believe, but there's everything you need forLife! In fact, this is an ideal dacha: the space is utilized as efficiently as possible, the layout is compact, inside there is a large bed, plenty of storage space, a full bathroom. Do you still think your country plot is too small?

Cozy house, created from an old barn

If your dacha section already has some kind ofStructure, do not rush to decide on his demolition! Practice shows that even an old barn can be turned into a very comfortable house with a stunning interior. Judge for yourself: here. Our opinion: - When deciding whether to demolish or alter the existing building on the site, it is first of all to proceed from the current state of construction. If the building is completely dilapidated, then to demolish it and erect a new one will still be more expedient and cheaper.

5 very unusual houses

Who said that the dacha must necessarily look likeBoring and ordinary? Nobody canceled the creative approach! Look at these. They will definitely inspire you to create an original and non-standard holiday house.

Fairy-tale wooden house in the suburbs

There are such country houses that are notI want to leave. It is this kind of (with an area of ​​only 140 meters) that we invite you to consider. Many ideas of the exterior and interior decoration of this fairy-tale house can be safely borrowed for your own dacha.

15 most beautiful small houses on wheels

Temporary or permanent replacement of suburban constructionCan become a house on wheels. Its advantage is that you do not have to wait until the house is finished. Moreover, you do not even need to have your own piece of land: the dacha can be where you park - and each time it will be a completely new landscape. Cons, however, too, are available: comfortable homes on wheels are quite a lot, and the heating of such a dacha in a cold time will cost a fortune. But just look at these! .. Perhaps this is exactly what you need. Our view: - Many companies rent out cabins for rent, this can be a convenient temporary solution, while a more monumental holiday home is being built. By the way, if you want, you can rent a sauna on wheels.