Country house of the future, in which everyone can live

Residents of urban apartments are often quiteIt is difficult to decide what kind of country house they need. "GlavDachTrest" understood this, offering a "test drive" low-rise building from a bar. In the unique Show Home you can call in for an hour or for a few days. The unusual project Show Home, the doors of which are open to all comers, is located 60 kilometers from MKAD along Simferopol highway, in the cottage settlement "Pine Coast-2".

Background of the project

In November 2012 the customer of the company"GlavDachTrest" reported that she does not like the beam from which her house is built, because there are a lot of knots on it. The client, who was expecting the birth of a baby in the coming months, decided not to upset her - the house was dismantled, having built a new one from another beam. Unexpectedly vacant house complex was decided to be used for the construction of the first unique show house in Russia with an area of ​​280 square meters, which would help the company's customers understand what kind of dwelling they need. Vladislav Kopitsa, General Director of GlavDachTrest LLC: - Our task is that every person who thinks about building a country house should avoid mistakes and build a house that will give him warmth and joy of life for many years.

The present project

The pace of construction of "show-house" is pleasing, and,Despite incompleteness, he has long been living his life: since February 2014, individual excursions (free of charge) are conducted there. Vladislav Kopitsa, General Director of GlavDachTrest LLC: - The purpose of this project is to help customers understand what kind of house they need. In addition, at present, Show Home has more than 60 partners whose products are used in the creation of the house, so that customers can be much quicker to determine and with the choice of finishing materials, contractors, related products and services. If the current pace of construction continues, then in May 2015, the unique house will open its doors to those wishing to stay in it for several days. Since April, 2014 in Show Home seminars for experts of the industry are held, as well as for those who are interested in suburban construction for personal purposes. Such seminars give step-by-step instructions on erecting the object, it tells about finishing works inside and out, excursions to houses at different stages of construction are organized for everyone, and, of course, tea-drinking is waiting for the guests of the hospitable house. The next seminar will be held on January 31, 2015.

The future of the project

Very soon, Show Home will start accepting all whoWill want to "feel" life in a country house as much as possible. Upon completion of the construction, the show-house will turn into a full-fledged completed housing with finishing, equipment, furniture, numerous "smart" systems (for example, dust extraction and humidification, as well as the "Smart House" system). On the site there will also be a garage and a guest house; Visitors will be pleased with the professional landscape design. How to know, perhaps this is not the last"Show house", because the format of the demonstration of goods and services really turned out to be very successful. So, it is likely that we have witnessed the birth of a new direction in the sphere of housing construction.