Cozy house of 14 meters: a villa that you can take with you -

House with an area of ​​only 14 square metersmeters, no longer even small, it is really tiny. We will surprise you: this is more than enough for a fulfilling life. Read in our article about an amazing mobile summer cottage and arrangement in the style of minimalism. Around the world, a movement is gaining momentum, which calls to abandon the excessive waste of resources on the construction of huge houses. The desire to live on a grand scale, according to supporters of beautiful simplicity, leads to debt, stress and time wasted on artificially maintaining a "prestigious" standard of living. Their motto is "make room for what's really important." A prominent representative of this school of thought is Doug Schroeder, builder and founder of Timbercraft Tiny Homes. Doug Schroeder, builder, owner of Timbercraft Tiny Homes For over 20 years, Doug has been building houses and is not going to stop. He is fascinated by the idea of ​​creating a home that does not burden the owners with expenses, but on the contrary, makes their life easier. The choice of a mobile small house, built quickly and inexpensively, means for him time free for creativity, relaxation and communication with his family - Doug himself has three children. A feature of this design (in addition to its unusually compact dimensions) is mobility. The house has wheels, if necessary, it clings to the car like a trailer (weight - up to 4 tons) and is easy to transport. And at the same time, the small porch folds in and out. The secrets of finishing Inside plainly usedeach square centimeter and all the design possibilities. There is nothing superfluous - but the combination in white finish and soothing shade of green with a wood texture create a feeling of peace, harmony and coziness. Notice how the simplethe layout of the house is a pattern on the floor, in the decoration of the frames of windows and doors, open beams, kitchen countertops, even the ceiling. It is cool in summer in such a house, and warm in winter. Doug uses pine wood, which is optimal in terms of price-performance ratio, durable and flexible. Some elements, for example the front door, are made of spruce, which is more difficult to process, but has a unique aroma of wood. For me, as a builder, attention todetails of the house, quality finishes and first-class materials. Doug Schroeder A kitchen where everything is in place Even the smallest home needs a kitchen. When every decision in the arrangement is made in a limited space, it is easier to refuse unnecessary things. Everything is there where it is needed - narrow metal, for example, designed so that the owner can enjoy all the advantages of daylight, but also with additional lighting in an industrial spirit. And also - a small stove, light cabinets and storage boxes with dark fittings that emphasize the feeling of freshness and cleanliness in the interior, and even a magnetic strip for knives. Closed shelves are the right choice: any mess on the open ones would visually “eat up” the scarce space. A bathroom, which is not cramped, and a luxurious showerAn understandable concern when planning a minimalist home is bathroom and toilet facilities. And in city apartments there is always not enough space, what can we say about such a small house. It's nice to see that the layout of the bathroom provides for the use of the area above the toilet - open shelves and even hooks are located here. And the shower is a triumph of understated luxury, accentuated by gray-brown marble tiles and matte shower finishes. Shelves for small items are provided in the corners - a very smart solution. Place for rest and storage of things "But wherestore things? " - a city dweller will ask. Here you will also find a convenient wardrobe with various options for shelves, drawers, baskets and clothes rails. And also - the entire second floor, where not only a compact bedroom, but also a mezzanine is located. With the right approach, this is quite enough. The recreation and reception area accommodates a couple of armchairs andwitty coffee table made of. The skin on the floor is the correct means of space zoning, chosen taking into account the general style that celebrates the idea of ​​being close to nature. And it is quite possible to expand the living room due to the rear porch - it is so pleasant to breathe fresh air here. You can relax in this house in summer, but you can live quite comfortably all year round - it is well heated by air conditioning. A place for a TV, by the way, is provided both downstairs and on the second floor, in the bedroom. Doug Schroeder Supporters of the movement of "small and beautiful houses" list the advantages of conscious restrictions, which even the lover of palaces is even thinking:

  • A small house is built in a few weeks and costs less than a studio apartment;
  • cleaning it takes no more than an hour;
  • bills for electricity, water and heat - are minimal, and yet you can also use solar energy;
  • Finally, mobility and the absence of debts for the purchase of a huge house allows you to free time for travel and creativity - than not solving all the problems?

Small houses are the dwellings of the future. Soon people will realize all the benefits of a life that is not held back by an excess of space, things, complexities and obligations. Doug Schroeder