The apartments are 45-90 sq.m.

Cozy interior in the style of minimalism in the studio apartment of a man


How to divide the studio space into zones, whilepreserving the integrity of the interior? How to create a truly cozy recreation area in an absolutely "masculine" apartment? All the tricks and tricks are in our material today. Before you is a studio apartment, the interior of which was created especially for a young Muscovite. The author of the project was Lydia Bolshakova, who turned the 70-meter room into a luxurious spacious one. Lidia Bolshakova, interior designer Graduated from the Kuban State Technological University and the Moscow Architectural Institute of Design. For eight years of successful work, she has implemented more than 40 copyright projects. Currently, Lydia Bolshakova is the founder and head of the NW-interior studio.

Wishes of the customer

The main desire of the customer was to create the most open space. No extra walls and ceilings! The whole room must be completely subordinated to the tastes and interests of one person.

We demolish and unite

The entrance hall and the living room were combined into one spaciouspremises, depriving the apartment of unnecessary partitions. It was also decided to combine two separate bathrooms, making the bathroom more functional. For the interior of the apartment, soft, calm beige tones were chosen, complemented by contrasting dark elements.

Lighting solution

Accents in the interior are marked not only withusing color, but also thanks to the lighting design. The abundance of light elements allows creating different scenarios: natural daylight, bright or romantic. Chandelier above the table highlights the kitchen area, and in the hallway there are light lanterns of frosted glass, behind which is laid the LED tape.


The bedroom deserves special attention.Often the interior, made in calm gray-beige tones, lacks lightness. To add weightlessness to the room, you can use mirrored surfaces. In addition, the loggia located at the head of the bed and along the perimeter of the room visually expands the space. A recreation area is also highlighted here. It is located on a podium, under which stones are laid. The emphasis on them is made by means of LED backlighting.

The advice of Lydia Bolshakova:

  • Use lighting design. Suspended chandeliers, LED ribbons and various lights will help create a variety of lighting scenarios.
  • Zoning is possible with various floor coverings. Do not be afraid to experiment in this way, not only in apartments with isolated rooms, but also in studios.
  • Use the podiums. They help to identify the necessary zones as nothing else.
  • A popular solution is zoning with ceilings. Use plasterboard structures that visually separate one part of the room from the other.
  • Try to distinguish zones using different wall coverings or contrasting colors.