How to create an interior in the style of an art gallery: a loft from Brazil

В этой квартире часами можно разглядывать modern artworks, statues, souvenirs, vases, outlandish accessories. It is like an art gallery in which you want to live. Loft style gives unlimited opportunities for self-expression and experimentation. He is especially liked by creative individuals and collectors, who in such interiors can convey or emphasize their lifestyle and artistic taste. It does not go out of fashion thanks to the constant updating of details, where the old easily coexists with the new, the pretentious with the simple. We present to your attention one of the striking examples of a creative interior made in the loft style. The apartment is located in the Brazilian town of Praia Brava. Their area is 220 square meters, where a young active married couple lives. Specialists from the CASAdesign Interior design studio took over the design for them. The owners of this spacious apartment love to collect various pieces of art: unusual furniture, small and large figurines, paintings (and different in genre). To make all these things look natural in the space and not litter it, the authors of the project organically placed everything in the room and placed competent accents.

Play of light

In the interior, great attention was paid to the lightregistration. It is important that all decorative elements look good both in natural and artificial lighting. Thanks to modern original lamps, it was possible to create a lively design, where every element of the decor is literally highlighted and attracts attention. Many forms of indoor lighting are interesting pieces of modern art in their own right. Like the famous Dear Ingo designer spider chandelier, located in the dining area, above the round table. If necessary, it can be transformed (raised and lowered), which is very convenient. Lighting devices in such an interior servealso as zoning elements and favorably emphasize color and texture. Look at the geometric lights above the large brown leather sofa. Their design echoes the industrial-style concrete ceiling in the form of square cells. Also in the house there are objects with chrome elements and in gray tones, which forms the integrity of the space. The shape of the original lamps is consonant with flower pots, table legs, marble countertops. The light sources are placed at such a distance from the ceiling and floor to illuminate and successfully emphasize wooden furniture and decor. Light is also needed for colors that make the interior feel more cozy and homey. Thus, the plants were placed in different places, not just by the windows. They add color to the space and bring it to life.

In captivity in comfort

Immediately in sight is a luxurious furA patchwork carpet made up of pieces of skins. In all it is clear that the owners of the house like to receive guests in comfortable conditions. This can be guessed by the presence of a variety of chairs, soft sofas and chairs. Despite the fact that many pieces of furniture are different in form and style, they look quite harmoniously in the interior. Lamps on cords and eco-style are in vogue now.See how these loft themes have been combined in a seating area with an artsy wooden chair. It is made of crooked branches, there are green flowers on the table nearby, and part of the wall is made of bricks. Sheepskin on the armchair adds warmth and comfort to the home. Black cords echo with the interior details of the same color and accentuate the abstract picture. A flower table with bicycle wheels instead of legs looks quite unexpected.

Eco-friendly echoes

Bright yellow accents in the decoration of furniture - alsosigns of ekostilya. This is the color of the sun, which makes the atmosphere in the apartment cheerful, so its interior does not seem boring. Wood, leather, green, yellow, gray and black color accents, fish in the aquarium emphasize the elements of nature in the house.

Focus on decor items

For all the objects in the interior it is interestingobserve. Dogs made of wood seem to guard the peace of this house. The owners of the premises have something to show, and they do it with pleasure. Marble floors, walls and glass partitions, flasks, flower pots help reflect light, which gives additional shimmer and shine, focusing on the decor items. To create a special mood, individual lighting was made for small gizmos. In the bedroom, above the armchair of unusual design, there is the same fancy sconce lamp. Its light is directed upward so that the lighting is diffused and intimate. With this arrangement of the lighting fixture, the concrete ceiling looks good. Looking at this interior, one feels a sense of a refined and stylish atmosphere, in which there is an artistic taste.

On a note! How to create an interior in the style of an art gallery:

  • Concentrate the lighting on those areas where it is most needed.
  • Lighting should be as close as possible to natural light.
  • The brightest light should be the ceiling, and then the walls and floor.
  • Pay attention that the light backgroundcorresponded to the finishing of ceilings, walls and floor. When using cold shades, then lighten up the tone, cold. In a warm interior use a warm light background.
  • To pay attention to the sweet things of the heart, photographs or paintings, apply local lighting to illuminate them.
  • If you have a lot of interesting things, paintings and art objects, there is an artistic taste and the presence of a large area, then the style of the loft is exactly right for you.