Apartments up to 45 sq.m.

A delightful Parisian apartment of only 25 meters -


This apartment looks much bigger and brighter than it really is. Ideas here, too, a dime a dozen. This find

In this studio everything is absolutely decisive. The white wall reflects light and at the same time looks interesting due to the texture of the brickwork. Perhaps this is a clinker tile, but it does not matter in principle. The blue wall near the bed brings a feeling of freshness and even dreaminess.

In this studio used for a long time familiar to usTechniques that do not become less effective or interesting from this. The bed stands on a high catwalk, almost equal in width. Judging by the end parts, we can conclude that the podium is also used as a fairly capacious storage system.

As a zoning tool that separates the sleeping area from the living room - a rack, reminiscent of a screen.

The dining area is quite small, one might say, tiny, but if you consider that there is a young bachelor in the apartment, everything falls into place.

The authors worked very well with color -Extra shades are perfectly combined with each other, without completely rushing to the eye. Look, diluted blue and light ocher, used in the design of the interior of the hinged shelves, are repeated, slightly changing the tone on the cushions.

A huge TV gives in the owner of the apartment an ardent movie-man or, as an option, a sports fan.

In our opinion, he deserved separate excitementapron in the kitchen area. On the one hand, it perfectly fits the wooden facades of the kitchen, on the other - it echoes with the powdered blue shades from the living room.