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Apartment design: four rooms, dark shades of nature and a lot of coziness -


This apartment is inspired by the nature of Portugal andlove of the hostess to Uzbekistan. There is a bright bedroom, a bright living room and a dark kitchen. But this is only at first glance ... There are many details in this apartment that become noticeable over time. At first glance, you see a beautiful apartment with rich saturated colors, unusual solutions against the background of classical forms. Valeria Belousova, art director of the Valery Design studio

She is a graduate of the architectural faculty of the Russian University of Peoples' Friendship. The second education of the designer of interiors Valery received in the best schools of Moscow.

“My projects have a specific character:it is always eclectic or fusion with ethnic features and vintage notes. I prefer open and light spaces filled with air to closed and dark cells. " Valeria learned these principles while traveling around New York.


The apartment is located on the 7th floor in the Late St.Brick house (1959 built) in the Leninsky Prospect area. The layout was very typical for that time: a narrow, long and dark corridor, 3 rooms, a tiny kitchen and separate bathrooms. Such a space is absolutely not suitable for our customers, so we completely redesigned it.

The owners wanted: a lot of free space, a zone for joint family evenings and the reception of large companies.

It was also necessary to do:

  • 3 separate bedrooms;
  • Cabinet with two full-fledged workplaces;
  • Guest toilet;
  • Highlight the musical corner;
  • Provide for a variety of different storage locations.

After analyzing the layout, we decided to combineKitchen with a seating area, having allocated to them the largest area. The left wing of the apartment was taken to the children's rooms, and the master bedroom with the office was located to the right of the entrance. Each room has its own storage system. Instead of a long narrow corridor, a spacious hallway was formed, and immediately behind it was a music zone with a piano and showcases for the master collection of souvenirs. In the corridor, which leads to the children's rooms, the mezzanine was hidden under the ceiling. Reorganization of communications allowed us to combine the bathrooms, and in the place of the former cot, make a guest toilet.

The style of the apartment determined the interest of the housewife toThe history of her native Uzbekistan and her love for Portugal and her nature. Therefore, as a basis, we chose dusty natural shades, added depths with contrasting dark furniture and diluted everything with oriental colored decor and textiles.

Only one room contrasts with the othersPremises. The master bedroom is made in a rich emerald shade. Such a deep color hides the complex architecture of the room and visually lifts the ceiling. In addition, it is the favorite color of the hostess, as well as the violet, which we decided to supplement the space. Thus, to link all the premises in the apartment, we chose the basic shades: beige-brown, blue-green and red-violet.

Dark colors help to maintain style and characterApartments. At the same time, an ideal balance of light, dark and complementary colors is observed. For example, in the kitchen we used a cool slate-gray color with a warm yellow patina. The same yellow color is found on the facades in the central part of the kitchen, in the veins of the marble countertop and apron, in the furniture pens, curtains and decor - everything is interconnected and complementary.

Since the living room and the kitchen are a single space,Living room area we used the same color scheme. But there are already more warm shades of wood, which give coziness. Pay attention to the game of different patterns and textures in one palette.

The room of the eldest son is executed in an unobtrusiveMarine style. Blue shades the beige scale as well as possible. For the contrast, we added dark details: stairs, fittings, lamps. Different textures enliven the monochrome color range, and the vertical strip even more visually increases the height of the ceiling (in this room it is below 2.6 m due to design features).

- The baby's room reflects the same Uzbek motif,As other rooms. Of course, the main character here was a wall with a painting in a watercolor technique with the effect of an ombre. Working on the painting, the artist Alina Krasilnikova was inspired by the canvas of the Uzbek artist Marat Sadykov. The painting was very airy. We changed the color slightly, adding more cold, mint and turquoise shades. So the room looks bigger and it is tied to the overall color palette of the whole apartment.

A separate story deserves a sleeping area inRoom. During the development of the concept, the family was at the planning stage of the second child and decided by universal suffrage that the room would be for the girl. But we prepared for various turns of events and were right.

In the process of repair, almost at its finalStages, it turned out that another man would appear in the family. We immediately made adjustments, but one thing we still could not replace. For the purple canopy it was necessary to provide a special mount in the ceiling so that the child could not break it, so it was bought in advance. Design Comfort Comfort baby with oriental pattern and necessary violet-blue color perfectly finished the whole picture.

In order to competently and functionally everything,To organize all the case furniture was made to order in different carpentry workshops. For example, the kitchen and most of the cabinets were made at the Moscow factory Senator mebel, children's furniture - from St. Petersburg, and the library from the walnut array came from Portugal. In addition to furniture for this project, according to our sketches, other things were made: a lampshade over the dining table, reminiscent of a skullcap; A magnetic mural with a map of the world, wallpaper in the guest toilet. In this interior used:

  • Kitchen, show-windows, wardrobes in the hallway, bedroom and in the bath - Senator mebel;
  • Forged products - Make Loft;
  • Library - AM Classic;
  • Master bed - Estetica;
  • Bedside furniture in the bedroom - Gamma mebel;
  • Sofa, armchairs and ottoman in the bedroom - Otto stelle;
  • Working chairs, an armchair in the kid's room and a piano at the piano - Liberty Home;
  • Vintage dining chairs - A Table;
  • A teak table in the living room - "Interiors of Maharajas";
  • Carpet and floor lamp in the living room - Cactus Gallery
  • Textiles - Galleria Arben, KADO, Comfort Baby;
  • Decor - "Gallery of the Colonial Interior", Le Home, Liberty Home, BoConcept, "Etazherka";
  • Wall decorative Italian plaster - Pratta;
  • Paints - Manders;
  • Parquet board - Barlinek;
  • Cork board in children's - Corkstyle;
  • Wallpaper in the bedroom - Elitis;
  • Wallpaper stripes - Rash;
  • Tiles - Ceramica Latina, Kerama Marazzi;
  • Electrician - Meljac, Jung, Legrand;
  • Invisible doors - Union;
  • The decorator of the piano - Alexander Mershiev (paints by Daria Geiler);
  • Artist - Alina Krasilnikova;
  • Mirrors and framing paintings - Framing Workshop Papa Carlo.