Apartments more than 90 sq.m.

Apartment design: stylish interior with a fireplace

A large area and high ceilings area huge temptation for the designer to "jump over his head", and here the authors succeeded. Beautiful, stylish, interesting. Children above all praise, the living room can at least now on the cover of the glossy magazine. And in this project there is a real fireplace

Thanks to the fact that this apartment is located onthe last floor, the authors managed to make a real, functioning fireplace. However, it's all just "cherry on the cake", because the interior turned out stylish, bright and at the same time completely satisfying the customer's needs. Architectural bureau Shamsudina Kerimov

Shamsudin Kerimov graduated from the Moscow Architectural Institute.

Since 2011, he manages his own architectural bureau. Instructor of the Institute.

The office of Shamsudin Kerimov is a regular participant andPrize-winner of architectural competitions, mainly foreign ones: Instant House 2013 School, Cultural Center in Guadalajara Competition Entry, World Stage Design (2013, England), "Khimki Mini-Policy 2013", Innovative Bioclimatic School Complex in Crete (2012, Crete ), International competition for the development of the architectural concept of the business center with the hotel complex InterContinental in Yerevan (2010).

Competition "Archi-Rehab" - 2 place (2009),competition for the development of the concept "School of the Future", competition for the design of housing in the area "Technopark", Skolkovo, competition "Active House" - in the top ten.

- Planning in this project was done from scratch. The space is an elongated rectangle in the windows on both sides and initially according to the plan from the builder it was an ordinary treshka. We zoned space according to the script, the way of life of customers. It was possible to translate all wishes and create not only a large common space, but also comfortable isolated rooms.

The whole volume is a single whole. There is no clear division or useless corridors. At the same time, there is space for joint pastime and for a relaxing holiday. Most of all, customers wanted to see a non-standard child, and we managed to do it.

In all projects we use natural shades with color accents.

We always try to create several lighting scenarios. However, in this project, customers were asked to refrain from using floor lamps.

In other respects, the coverage was organized according tothe usual scenario for us - built-in light, incandescent lighting, chandeliers and sconces. Of course, everything is dimmed. Thus you can create an atmosphere of mood. We also provided lighting along the walls. It works at night and is designed to protect children and provide the most comfortable movement at night.

Wall for storage near the fireplace, rack-mirror cube, furniture in the bedroom, all furniture in the nursery, all the cabinets are made according to the author's sketches.

The kitchen was ordered at the Eggersmann factory. Concrete kitchen canisters and a suspended part are made of granite. The waiting for readiness was about four months.

Extractor - Gutmann.

In the living room storage system on the wall with a fireplace(mirror cabinet, console, TV cabinet) is made to order in a carpentry workshop in Moscow. All storage systems in the project are hidden, this avoids the feeling of routine routine, the space is thus perceived as a single volume.

Sofa - Minotti, table in the dining room - Riflessi, chairs - Cassina.

The choice is made according to the criteria of quality, comfort and conformity to the design.

In the bedroom, the head of the suede and the bed are also made to order in a carpentry workshop in Moscow.

Dressing room - Rimadesio.

Plumbing in bathrooms - Antonio Lupi, Gessi, Lago.

Porcelain tiles - Mirage.

Floors - Listone Giordano. Only at this factory we managed to find a suitable shade and an interesting floor for a nursery. The choice of the manufacturer of doors - Blu Interni - is due to the fact that only in this factory we were promised to make doors with a height of 2,950 cm and also mirror ones. The rest of the factories refused.