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Mansard design: a colorful project in a country house in Peredelkino

If you still doubt the relevance of the brightshades in the interior, this project is simply obliged to dissuade you. It is magnificent and it turned out just because of the courage of the hostess, who constantly pushed designers to experiments

In working on this project, designers are primarilyguided by the character and wishes of the customer. Her big family never sits still, loves new experiences, including visual ones. Therefore, the authors boldly used color and combinations of prints and patterns in textile design, combined modern and classic furniture. Maria Cherkasova, project designer

Graduated from the post-graduate course of Moscow State University.

She worked in the largest international companies.

She graduated from the School of Design "Details".

Since 2011, he has been leading a private practice in the field of interior design.

Designs and arranges public and private spaces.

Among the projects implemented are the office of the insurance company AIG, customer zones of the Toyota Center Kashirsky, Lexus Center Astrakhan, country houses in the Moscow region, apartments in Moscow.

He leads the author's course of lectures in the Design & Decoration Center.

Member of the International Arts Foundation, MBA holder. Anna Pronskaya, textile designer

She graduated from the courses of the interior designer "MGAHU memory of 1905".

The portfolio of the designer includes dozens of realized projects, both own and as a business partner of the company "Arta Domo" (

Cooperates with many well-known architects and decorators as a consultant and designer of the textile part of the project.

For more than ten years he has been reading the author's courses of lectures "Textile Interior Design" and "Basics of Composition for Decorators" at the School of Design "Details" and the Higher British School of Design.

Permanent lecturer Design & Decoration Center in different cities of Russia and near abroad (

Prepared and conducted courses for textile designers of the companies "Art Domo", "Empire Decor", "Artik", "KADO", "Art Chalet".

Member of the Creative Union of Artists of Russia and the International Federation of Artists.

- Guest house to the country house waswas designed by architects, but the customer turned to the interior design for us, because she needed a colorful interior, a bit eclectic, with a bold mixture of prints and flowers. Often during the work she pushed us to more daring decisions, saying - "we are capable of more."

In the process of work we combined one smallguest room in the attic with a library. It turned out to be a full-sized large room with a ceiling at the top point of 3.8 m. To beautifully beat such a ceiling height, it was necessary to work hard, to consider several options, as a result decided to build cabinets right up to the ceiling, leaving room for pictures above the fireplace. Library cabinets of deep ultramarine color made to order according to the sketches of the designer. The production dragged on not for one month, but the customers waited patiently.

Even with such a height and embedded windows in the ceilinglight was not enough. We ordered a lighting project for Martini lighting manufacturers to calculate the illumination to ensure good light. It was very important for the customer. With the right technical light, you could afford a beautiful decorative light.

Special attention was required for bathrooms, wherethe ceilings fell quite low - it was necessary to fit the mirrors so that they could look in them. In one case we took a small round mirror, in the other - a mirror on the hinges. Both rooms are equal in status, so it was decided to do them according to one principle: black and white floors and colored walls. One of the bathrooms was painted in a wonderful yellow shade of Little Green, and now it's a room where it's always sunny. The other is in a marine mood. The bathrooms are made of Metlakh tiles (on the floor) and monophonic ceramic on the walls - from the salon "Greta Wulf".

The most difficult was to build an interior so that at such high ceilings a rather chamber-like room - the bedroom - did not look empty.

We chose a French bed from Siguier witha wooden headboard and to her brother Judeco. The choice fell on them because to the ceilings of such a height it was necessary to pick up something large, and the dark metal edging framing the white cloth on the ceiling perfectly rhymes with the head of the bed. Behind the bed - a decorative panel of wallpaper Villa Nova, setting the desired vertical.

Andrew Martin's bedside tablesethnic note in the interior, and we supported it in textile design: the cover of Aldeco Incognito, the pillows of Cassaro Andalusite, added the geometry of Twisted Rope from Robert Allen. In general, it was important for us not to get carried away with the ethnic theme. The modern sound was brought in by the hyperbolous plafond of the lamp.

All the cabinets in the library are made to order.

The writing desk is Moissonnier. The sofa was searched for a long time, many options were sorted, but eventually settled on a convenient Marie's Corner, picking up the upholstery from Robert Allen. Fireplace - antique, from France.

On the fireplace - photos within the frames brought byour order with the famous brochures of Belgium. Carpets - Iranian, sconces at the couch - Vaughan. Sconces on the Jacques Garcia cabinets were also not selected right away - it's not so easy to find red lampshades. With these sconces there was still a funny story - the Serbian workers showed creativity and set them upside down.