The apartments are 45-90 sq.m.

Design of a two-room apartment in Scandinavian style

The interior is in shades of wood and sand.In the kitchen there are traditional plates on the walls, and in the living room there is a canvas with a deer and a black wall. Organic, stylish and very calm This apartment "breathes" with nature - colors, materials, a picture with a deer on the wall. But that's not all. The designer managed to create an atmosphere of absolute peace in a shady forest without adding a single drop of green to the interior. Except for indoor plants, perhaps. Olga Rubeykina, interior designer Was engaged in the restoration of architectural monuments at the Research Institute "Spetsproektrestavratsiya". In 2007 she graduated from the course at the school-studio "Details", specializing in "Design and interior decoration". Creed: Every room needs a little black and at least one vintage piece.

In addition to a good location (at the Petrogradskayaside, at the confluence of the rivers Karpovka and Malaya Nevka), the house in which this apartment is located is interesting because it was designed and built by the Finns. The windows in the apartment are perfectly oriented: the kitchen faces east, and from the balcony of the living room you can admire the sunset.

The apartment itself is very light, so inAs the main color, it was decided to use white from Little Greene Linen Wash 33 - in well-lit spaces it will never get bored, light and shadow will always make the interior alive (even in Petersburg with its dark winters).

In the process of work, a purple-lilac, favorite color of the client was added to the white palette. She always paid attention to it when choosing the finishing materials.

Black, the color of concrete and natural wood appeared in furniture, they are present to a greater or lesser extent in all rooms, this gives an additional sense of a single space.

Customers' wishes were defined as follows: the style is modern, with an eye on the design heritage of the twentieth century of neighboring Scandinavian countries.

Radically re-planned space was notnecessity. The apartment has enough space to receive friends and relax during a break between work and frequent travel. To ensure that the living room could be easily accessed into the kitchen or bedroom, installed sliding doors Rimadesio. When they are completely open, continuous transitions from one zone to another are created. The principle of rollback was also used in the construction of doors of a functional niche above the working area in the kitchen.

In the second bathroom a business room was arranged.

In the living room for one of the walls chosen wallpaper MixMetallic from Eco Wallpaper, black. They have a natural texture and natural shine, thereby complicating the play of light in the living room space. Particularly advantageous against the background of black natural wood, here it is the chest of drawers from the Swedish manufacturer Hans K.

On the floor of the living room and bedroom - a dark corkcoating, it was chosen for environmental friendliness and economy. In the tone of the floor, the upholstery for a large sofa was picked up. Around it are two vintage armchairs from Repeatstory and a bench replacing a coffee table, from Atable. To maintain the natural theme and create a mood, Anastasia Kuznetsova's work "Knowledge of Olga" was chosen.

The bedroom uses wall coverings from the Belgian manufacturer Khroma One 404 Empya Plum, the contrast bed and IKEA floor lamp, the bedside table Zara Home, textiles H & M Home.

The kitchen is made to order "The first furniturefactory ". Instead of the upper cabinets for kitchen utensils, spices and seasonings, it was decided to design a niche - a client of low growth, and this option looked more comfortable and rational.

The main storage of dishes was moved to the bases on the opposite wall.

From the kitchen window there is a beautiful view of the city, so the window was arranged for a morning coffee - the table top is combined with a window sill.

The main dining area is the Artemide lamp, table andchairs from Hans K. For an unexpected guest, provided a vintage folding chair (according to legend, such were the offices of the Bundeswehr in the middle of the last century). The wall is decorated with decorative plates - the hostess in the future plans to replace them with souvenir plates brought from travel.

Photographing: Dmitry Tsyrenshchikov