Apartments more than 90 sq.m.

Design two-bedroom apartment with sea view


Today we decided to show how the interiors look like with a view of the sea. It's not like you think

Living by the sea is truly a blue dreamalmost any city dweller. In this project, the author tried to use the seascape outside the window as much as possible in the interior. Yuri Zimenko, interior designer Founder of Yuri Zimenko Design Studio since 2000. In 2015, the studio received the renowned British European Property Awards. Along with Philippe Starck and Kelly Hoppen, Yuriy Zimenko is published on the pages of the book Design Art of Villa 4.

- Despite the new construction of the house, where it seemedthere should be smart, planned solutions, nevertheless it was necessary to make redevelopment of the premises. They combined the kitchen and the living room, another wish of the customer - two bedrooms with separate bathrooms in each room.

The entire interior is designed in such a way and is brought exactly the color solution, so that the interior does not argue with the sea scenery outside the window. It was the color of the sea that dictated the color solutions of the interior.

All furniture was ordered in Italy, in factories, where there are already interior items with certain sizes. Kitchen

  • Kitchen, Fable factory.

Production and delivery of kitchens from Italy toUkraine took three months. As a rule, if the kitchen is custom-made with special requirements and with a complex set of functions, this requires more time for production and delivery. Living room

  • Soft and cabinet furniture, Arketipo factory.

The choice of this furniture was due to the fact that it is relatively inexpensive, besides the factory offered exactly those colors of fabrics that harmoniously fit into the project. Bedrooms

For the bedroom and other rooms also chosen onefirm - manufacturer of soft and cabinet furniture Arketipo. The furniture is of the right shape and, importantly, it is very convenient to spend time enjoying the sea view. Bathrooms

The choice of Antoniolupi was not accidental. The customer has already enjoyed the products of this company for a long time and remains faithful to it, including when designing his own house. Other rooms

In all rooms we tried to put a tile withtaking into account the peculiarities of the location of the apartments. Since this complex is located on the seashore, for quick cleaning of sand and dust it is the tile that came up best.

Paint and textiles were also chosen not accidentally. The apartment - with a beautiful view of the sea, here it is the shades of large water dictated color solutions. We wanted to emphasize the beauty of the area and transfer its atmosphere to the premises.

As a floor covering the ceramic tile of factory Rex is chosen. We considered it prudent to put the tile on the basis of the convenience of care. Doors ordered finished sizes in Italy.

The most important and important thing in the project is what we needmanaged to convey all the shades of the sea. It is comfortable not only in sunny weather, but also at any time of the year - it is so important to feel alone, comfortable and enjoy the beautiful view from the window.