Curtains design for the living room: basic selection rules


The living room is the room that alwaysis in sight. She can rightfully be considered the face of the house. That is why it is very important to choose the right one. Combined with the interior of the room and furniture, they should impress guests. Living room curtains should look good both day and night. The design of this room has its own characteristics and rules. Observing them, you can decorate the room and choose the curtains yourself. To do this, you just need to show a little imagination and imagination. Curtains with LambrequinsFigure 1. Curtains in the living room should impress the guests at any time of the day.

Design Features

Thinking about the design and type of curtains for the living room, inFirst of all, you should take into account the purpose of this room. Since it is here that guests receive and spend their leisure time, warmth and comfort should be felt. To achieve this effect, it is necessary to correctly combine curtains with a common interior. In this case, it is necessary to take into account the colors in which the room is decorated and what lighting it has. So, if the room itself is dark and there is little light in it, you should not pick up the same dark curtains. If the room looks out on the sunny side, then such dense products will be most appropriate. In this case, the summer will be cool in the house. Figure 2.Curtains can be of any material - the main thing is that they match the wallpaper and furniture in the room. As for the length of the curtains and their type, there are practically no restrictions. These can be shortened products that reach the windowsill, or long curtains up to the floor. If the living room simultaneously plays the role of a bedroom, then it is quite appropriate to select blackout curtains that will well cover the window from light. In this case, Roman or roller blinds made of thick fabrics can also be used. This is quite a good option for the living room of the bedroom, nothing will interfere. Most often, a classic interior is made in the living room, so the windows need to be decorated in the same style. For this, curtains made of expensive and solid materials are suitable. These include velvet, silk or brocade. It will look good if using additional accessories. They can be lambrequins, beautifully designed tie-backs, tulle with hand embroidery, etc. An example of a design with lambrequins can be seen in Fig. 1. Such a room looks solemn and gorgeous. If the room is decorated in a simpler urban style, then you can choose a curtain design in neutral colors. They can have a small pattern, be checkered or striped. It is popular today to choose just plain curtains in pastel shades. The main thing is that they are combined with furniture, wallpaper or other things. In this case, the type of fabric can be almost any. A successful design with this option is shown in Fig. 2. Back to the table of contents</a>

Basic rules for choosing curtains for the living room

Figure 3. Seasonal curtains are light and heavy layers of fabrics from different materials. Going to the store to buy curtains, you need to choose the most pleasant color of textiles. Of course, you need to take into account the color design of the room, but for a good mood you should like everything. You need to confer with family members, because they will all be in the room every day. If the opinions are divided, you need to look for a compromise and choose a neutral option. Then everyone will be satisfied. The choice of curtains will depend on the size of the room. If the room is small, then do not choose lush products on the windows. They will make space even smaller. It is better to choose a thin and light fabric. In the case when the area is quite large, and the ceilings are high, you can safely choose thick materials. In this case, you can combine a thin tulle or organza with heavy curtains. Curtains can be made seasonal. To do this, you need to purchase several layers of fabric. This can be dense and heavy curtains, which are used in the winter, and at the same time light and light curtains for the summer season. This option is suitable for a bedroom. You can place them on a special curtain, which will make their use more convenient. In Fig. 3 you can see this option. Thus, decorating the living room with curtains is not as easy as it seems. It is necessary to carefully think everything over so that everything harmonizes and corresponds to the general style. This applies to other premises in the house, such as bedroom, kitchen, etc. The only difference is that this room will always be in the center of attention, so it requires a careful approach to design.