The interior of a small balcony

Design decoration standard balcony

In Kharkov, in the premises of the architectural bureau IK-Architechts there is a unique balcony, which employees most often use for tea drinking during breaks. IK-architects - a community of creative people, inwhich includes designers, engineers, architects, artists, and many other people, so all projects made by this company are reliable, modern and beautiful. Inna Shapovalova - one of the designers of this company.

A task

An ordinary balcony in Stalinka was decorated withboxes of wood. Of them and made numerous shelves for books and magazines. This reduced the cost of repairs to a minimum. A sofa was made of pallets, on which decorative pillows were laid out.

Finishing and insulation

For the decoration of the walls used decorativeplaster "bark beetle", and then sheathed the walls whitewashed clapboard. The walls of bright colors visually expand the room. For insulation of the floor, pinoplast was laid, and on top - OSB stove. The ceiling and side façades were insulated with the help of styrodur and penofola, and sheathed all the drywall.


In order not to clutter the room and save as much as possible the area, the decor was placed mainly on the ceiling.


The result was a cozy, spacious place to relax and think.

Metric area and use

The balcony has a small area - 2.7m.kV. Its height is 3 m. This room is used constantly, especially a lot of people gather in breaks for tea drinking.