The design of the living room dining room: how can you arrange the rooms yourself?

In the last century, a dining room was in every home.But today the living room is most often combined with the dining room. The latter is part of the apartment where the whole family gathers at one table. Here you can talk about the events that happened during the day, discuss joint plans and just enjoy communicating with each other. The living area is a place for leisure and communication in an informal setting, for receiving guests. that combines all these functions should be beautiful and functional. This is a dual-use room. How to equip it correctly? Zoning of the dining-living roomThe table in the dining-living room should be placed in the most lighted place, and the sofa should be placed with its back to the dining area.

Tips for designers: the principles of zoning dining-living room

Use of functional areas in the roomwill be successful if we adhere to a number of important principles. The correct location of each zone is important. There are various concepts for the solution of zoning space:

  • Creation of independent zones in a spacious room by using furniture, structures, decor elements, etc.
  • You can thematically share a small space, using the method of different design of individual zones of the room. For this, finishing materials with different texture are used.
  • As far as possible from the window you need to arrange a rest area with TV, sofa, coffee table. In a quiet corner of the room you can relax well, read a book.
  • In the brightest part of the room you can put a dining table with chairs.
  • If natural light is not enough, above each zone of the living-dining room you can place it on the lamp. A special role is played by the rational organization of lighting in the interior design of the room:

  • In each functional area of ​​the living space, a separate group of fixtures must be mounted, which provide contrast lighting.
  • Over the dining table you can install a luxurious chandelier with direct lighting.
  • In the recreation area, you need to make a diffused light source (point floor fixtures, a lighting fixture under the cornice or behind the decorative panel, giving a soft reflected light).
  • Pay attention to the competent color solution of the living room dining room:

  • Using contrasts (colors, textures) to visualize the space of the room.
  • There must be one dominant color.
  • In this case there should be consonant elements, accents in each of the zones, which are combined with the dominant color.
  • This relationship should be clearly traced and combine the two zones of the dining-living room into a single interior.
  • So, the color of the curtains in the dining area can be dominant. It should be combined with any decor elements in the living room area (the color scheme of the vase, sofa, photo frames, etc.).
  • The walls can be tinted in different colors. This will help to emphasize the boundaries of each zone.
  • It is necessary to take into account the psychological characteristics of the influence of color on the state and mood of a person.
  • Starting to plan the design of the roomdouble-purpose, you need to remember the need to maintain the overall style of living quarters. If you follow these principles, you can create a cozy living-dining room. Back to contents</a>

    Separate dining room from the living room

    There are several ways to separate these zones from each other: The living room can be divided into several zones using decorative partitions.

  • Partitions. The installation of the partition is the easiest way to create functional zones. This can be done using an object: decorative curtains, chest of drawers, shelving, decor elements, arch of traditional, figured, geometric shapes. It is appropriate to use a mirror panel with a sandblasting pattern. Calling on to help fantasy, you can create an interesting project, which is implemented by a specialist.
  • Stepped ceiling looks moreattractive than horizontal. It visually complements the zoning of the room. However, such a multi-tiered structure will look good only in a spacious room. In a small room it looks cumbersome.
  • The ceiling in each zone can be finished with different materials and materials in color and texture.
  • The floor can be decorated with a different coating. For this, different finishing materials are used. For example, a solid laminate floor can be covered in the dining area. Then the design of the living room using carpeting looks flawless.
  • You can build a podium. This is a powerful zoning tool.
  • It is important to think carefully about the accessories for each zone. These details create a cozy and relaxing atmosphere. The design of the dining room will be complemented by flowers in a vase on the dining table, a smart tablecloth and napkins on the countertop. The design of the living room will be cozy if you put candles on a rack, put decorative pillows on a soft sofa.
  • If the living room area is small, then in the interior you canadd more glossy surfaces. They will visually expand the room. Reflective interior surfaces are fashionable today. Stretched glossy ceiling, inserts from the mirror in the design of the walls visually expand the space of the zone for rest.
  • In such a living room do not need cabinets, as they visually reduce the space.
  • Often the union of the living room and the dining room isThe only solution for small apartments. It is possible to create a comfortable and pleasant combined space on your own, in which you can enjoy the delicious taste of culinary masterpieces in the company of your close friends and relatives. This requires your imagination, creativity and inspiration!