Organization of space

Design of a wardrobe for men: storage features

Men's dressing room is far from frequent,but quite justified and necessary. About how to equip it, what it is worth paying special attention to and which one should not pass by by no means, read in our new material

A modern business man cares about his image no less than a woman. He knows the price of the first impression. He is ambitious in everything, so he treats his wardrobe with special attention.

Business success depends not only oncompetence, professionalism and experience, but also on the appearance. You can tell a lot about a potential client or business partner by his clothes. It will not be difficult to identify a successful businessman or an avid fashionista: he is stylish and elegant, neat, in excellent quality shoes, with carefully selected accessories. Such a wardrobe requires close attention and respect. Peculiarities

Between the family, female and male wardroberoom there are significant differences. Dressing room for men - is primarily a system and order. There must be a lot of light in the room. Everything should be very clearly visible. Each department, each section must meet specific goals and solve clear tasks. Men do not like distracting details or complex designs. Only not here.


  • cabinets,
  • doors, doors, a lot of boxes and lockers,
  • an abundance of mirrors,
  • darkness and semi-darkness,
  • complex systems.


The space of the dressing room is importantorganize and zonate. The storage system of things and objects should be convenient, simple and understandable. Search - fast and easy to save a catastrophically short of time. Everything should be functional. The ideal option - a cloak room, completely custom-made. Lumi Thermal ash wardrobe with crosshairs. Internal filling

The most effective is the separation of the generalthe space of the men's dressing room for departments and sections for clothing. Further - by the method of storage, colors, texture and their combinations. For example, inside the department with costumes you can place two bars under each other: on one - jackets, on the second - folded in half pants. Some members of the stronger sex even more than seriously approach this issue, preferring holders (sometimes retractable) to the bottom rod for trousers. Lumi The filling of this wardrobe is varied: shoe trays, trunks for small items, shelves, bars for long and short clothes. Lumi

Stands do not happen much, but men do not really like shelves and drawers. They should be kept only for linen and clothing, which is stretched.

A separate place should be allocated for storageseasonal clothes, shoes, sports equipment, hobby items, hats and accessories. And many men prefer to arrange shelves with shoes under trouser sections, in order to quickly select a suitable pair for a suit. For more effective use of the entire space of the dressing room, some departments can be made to a height under the ceiling, installing a pantograph - a special bar with a handle and a lowering mechanism. Lumi

"Chinese dressing room" Yin-yang "- edition from herexcited. The light, feminine side of the dressing room mirrors the dark, masculine side. Materials: ash-tree thermal massif, MDF, veneer. Hats and accessories

Hats, caps, baseball caps can be stored on the topshelves or on special hooks in one of the walls. For the storage of male belts and ties are usually used special retractable holders (necktie), organizers, hangers or shelves with cells - to whom as convenient.

Clocks and cufflinks should be kept in a separate chest of drawers with a glass top, so they will always be in sight. Glasses - on a special rack or in cells. Business trips

Business men often come on trips of differentduration. Travel bags, suitcases, briefcases, briefcases and briefcases are conveniently stored on the lower shelves, not on the upper shelves. So they are easier and faster to get, if there is practically no time for collection. Sport and hobbies

A special place in the life of men is occupied by sports andhobby. Under sports clothes and inventory, sometimes a section or even a whole department is allocated. Clothes should be hung on hangers, special shoes placed under it.

If a man is fond of motorcycles or ridingride, it is better to allocate a shelf for motorcycle helmets or jockeys. Dumbbells, balls and the like should be kept on the lower shelves to avoid accidental falls. A basket with golf clubs can be stored in a corner or suspended on a wall. Mirror

Even in the men's dressing room you need a mirror. Only one and at full height. The editors thank Lumi for their help in preparing the material.