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Design Finds: Bike Mount at Home

Mount for bike at home - convenient andcreatively Fastening for a bicycle at home is a rather topical issue for many modern citizens. That is why designer Jerry Chang and employees of the IPPINKA online store have placed in their catalog a unique device that is attached to the wall and allows you to store upright not only sports equipment, but also other necessary household items that have a decent size. This invention is called LIFT. This is distinguished by its compactness and original design, therefore it makes it possible to maximize the use of unused wall space, and also make the design of the room more functional and interesting.

The main advantages of LIFT:

  • relatively low cost;
  • easy installation;
  • convenient way to store bulky bike and other items in a small living space;
  • the opportunity to leave the beloved "iron horse" in plain sight, rather than hiding in the closet, and showing off to them and their sporting achievements, if any, in front of guests;
  • extras for storing various small items, as well as a helmet and other equipment;
  • a spectacular decorative touch that can make the design of your apartment more vivid, memorable and unique.

Agree, such useful trivia greatly facilitate our everyday life. Maybe one of you is already the happy owner of LIFT? We are waiting for feedback and comments!