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The design of the hallway in the apartment: how to meet the autumn and slush

How to equip a hallway in the period of rains and slush? It's simple - you need to do just a few things. What - read in our new material

And here comes autumn. Handra, cold, rain and slush. And of course, golden leaves, schoolchildren with inimitable briefcases and charming umbrellas. Autumn can be chanted in verse, you can brand it for bad weather, but you can take it for granted. In any case, it will have to go through one more time. And that this time was not the most memorable for a number of bad reasons, we recommend in advance to prepare for the most unpleasant - to slush.

Hello, rain from Monday to Sunday. Hello, clods of dirt on the paws of your favorite dog. Peace to you, living outside the window. Remain where you are, forever and ever. Leaving the house, you can, of course, do with such soothing phrases and hope hard at random, and you can slightly rework the hallway and sleep peacefully. Or rather, go out into the street quietly.

So, the first thing your hallway needs -this is a clear system. Where you put on outer clothing, there is not and can not be a danger of entering a puddle of rainwater draining from boots or an umbrella. So, everything in your hallway should have its place.

Umbrella needs a rack or basket. Will fit even a can. For rubber boots, a tray or at least a rubber mat is vital. The raincoat should also have its own place, where it can not wet anyone or anything important.

For the time of the rains, it is better not to cover the outer clothing in the cabinets, but to hang it freely on the crossbar, where it can dry out and do not remember. As you can see, the preparation of the hallway to slush completelyNot a boring enterprise, filled with new impressions and discoveries. If you are a romantic and optimistic, of course. If not, then take this action as a necessity. We do so.