Interior of a studio apartment

The interior design of small apartments: photos and tips


Appearance in 30 square meters afteroverhaul has changed dramatically. The ceilings of the corner room have become 15 centimeters higher. It is professionally divided into zones. The huge built-in wardrobe solved the storage problem. As a result of the refurbishment, the rental room has become the owner's favorite place of residence. The design of this typical Khrushchev building was carried out by the Moscow studio m2project, represented by the chief architect Maxim Tikhonov. The company has been working with similar projects of individual interiors for three years now.

Terms of order

The owner of the project has allocated small funds for the implementation of this modest housing project. Based on them, the experts were able to bring their great ideas to life.

Plan changes

The internal ones were removed first.partitions, mezzanine. Old wooden floors and logs are torn down. The ceiling height has now become 290 cm. Plaster has been removed from the walls before the brick. The new layout made it possible to use each section of the existing space economically and efficiently.

Storage system

In the room that combines the living room with kitchen,dining area and office, one wall takes a built-in wardrobe. Aesthetic design, light color, merging with other surfaces, make it almost invisible. Due to the huge size, it is extremely functional. This solves the storage issue. The apartment always maintains order.


Three windows of the corner apartment miss the maximumamount of sunlight. The great idea of ​​the designers was a different lighting solution for each zone. The plot of dining and cooking is equipped with a white canopy, the brightness of which varies depending on the height adjustment. Other areas are equipped with original pendants, sconces, table lamps.

Choice of shades

The dominant was a discreet light gray tone. An accent element can be considered a dark square, where a TV is installed. On the other side of this plot is a bathroom and a kitchen. Effectively look in the interior of the movie posters of the middle of the past century, wooden furniture.


Only four of the total area of ​​the kitchensquare. However, there was a place in it to install the necessary household appliances. But the experts had to combine the cabinets. The facades are taken from products of a well-known industrial company. Making the frame had to be ordered. The window sill is made of the same material as the tabletop. This has increased the work surface of the cooking area. Composing the furniture ensemble premises, the architects used objects that were popular at different times. There is a luxurious IKEA folding sofa, classic branded chairs. Next to them is a desk made in Romania in the second half of the last century. There is also a mirror from the antique market, which was in vogue at the beginning of the previous era.

General plan of the room arrangement

Of the three dozen square meters you can get quite comfortable and functional housing. Such work requires fresh creative thoughts and a great desire to change everything for the better.