The interior of small rooms

Interior design of a small hallway: first-class foyer design ideas

Use the designer's advice and addyour front door is impressive and memorable. Halls define the tone for each house. Regardless of the size of your lobby, this welcoming space is the first part of your accommodation that you and your guests see. Therefore, you should be interested in our design tips on the design of your hallway.

1. Bench or any other multi-seat undivided seat

If you need to put the bag, put the shoesor take a short break, the bench is the perfect piece of furniture for any lobby. Find a great looking specimen at a commission shop or antique store, paint and re-embellish it.

2. A table in the hallway

Put this piece of furniture at the entrance to the house and you will have a container for all keys, mail and cell phones. Add a pair of stylish table lamps to complete the composition.

3. Bulk table

If you are lucky to have a large hall, then a table located in the center of the room will add elegance and grace to the space.

4. Wall mirror or mirror wall

Install a huge mirror on the main wall of the hall and admire how effectively you managed to visually double the volume of the room! However, for the decoration of the hallway will fit and more modest mirror.

5. Outdoor ornament

If you have the makings of a painter, you canTry to decorate your floor with geometric patterns. It will amaze guests and will be a true exclusive, if, suddenly, your friends and acquaintances do not rush en masse to imitate you.

6. Foyer clapboard

Sheathing wooden planks section of the wall at the entrancein the small and narrow lobby, you can make the front door the center of attention. To form a modern smooth style, install siding with horizontal orientation of the strips along the outer contour.

7. Light-flooded entrance

If you have a large high-ceilinged lounge,the perfect solution would be a bright chandelier. If there is a dome in the ceiling under such a chandelier, then it would be logical to consider the decoration of this element with a colorful painting or, what is even steeper, to make a metal reflective lining there.

8. Brave niches

Use the wall of your hall, creating in itBuilt-in recesses for storing all your accessories and collectibles. Nothing else can be more unique, perhaps, with niches illuminated.

9. Elegant walls

Create a light and beautiful wall covering with a pattern to your liking. Make the hallway that you saw in your dreams!

10. Tin ceiling

By applying a tin ceiling covering orimitating the tin surface, you can get a chic look under the old days. Run this element is surprisingly easy, after its creation there is a feeling of comfort and warmth. This is a great addition to an old home or country style dwelling.