Ideas for small interiors

Interior design of a small apartment - tips

Interior design of the small-sized apartment from AlanChu This time we will acquaint readers of the site about the amazing interiors with an interesting project of architect Alan Chu on redevelopment and arrangement of a small 36-meter apartment in San Paolo in Brazil. Of course, this housing, unlike our small apartment houses, has a second level, but still a lot of interesting ideas can be applied to a single-story apartment. The customer just asked to make a nicea relaxed atmosphere where you could relax, relax, put your thoughts in order, invite friends and colleagues. And at the same time effectively organize the space. Designers have combined glass, concrete and wood in the interior, adding red accessories, perfectly refreshing the overall look combined with the white color of the walls and dark ceiling boards. Kitchen cabinets were designed as an imitation for storage drawers, the ceiling was sheathed in wood, and the walls were laid out with hog-type tiles. Traditionally combined into a single space living room with kitchen. The refrigerator was covered with bright water-based paint, and a simple rug was thrown on the floor, which created a peculiar, but at the same time cozy atmosphere at home. Several stools welded from metal found their place, and the black staircase was literally twisted into a “whirlpool”. On the second floor was placed a tiny bedroom andbathrooms Despite the modest dimensions, the resting place turned out bright and stylish. All decorated very strictly, in black and white, as befits a male apartment. And finally, we want to share several design moves that will help make a small apartment visually roomier and lighter.

The tricks of the design of a small space:

  • To simulate high windows, you can attach a light long light curtain to the ceiling.
  • To make room in the room, you can put a sofa and light furniture, removing all partitions and combining the kitchen with the living room.
  • The highlight will make and decorating the walls with tiles. However, if you decorate the walls with tiles too expensive, you can simply cover the white quick-drying paint.
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