Interior of a studio apartment

Kitchen-living room design in a small apartment

What to decide if square meterslimited, the apartment is small, and I so want to get together with friends, watch TV, lead conversations. There is a way out of such a difficult situation; it is necessary to make an ordinary apartment in a one-room apartment, to equip it. The designer will help us in this matter. Interior designer Anastasia Barkhatova After graduating, designer AnastasiaBarkhatova began working as an architect in the university, combined the study of three-dimensional graphics and design. He is the winner and finalist of famous contests. Contrast and functionality of interiors is her professional credo.

What are the features of your job?

The apartment is very small, it takes less than 40 square meters. A young couple who live in St. Petersburg became a customer, for them we developed the kitchen interior as part of the project.

What are the main tasks in the arrangement of the premises you set for yourself?

The only main task was literateapartment zoning, because it is so small that every centimeter was counted, it was necessary not only to place everything you need, but not to oppress, so that there is still room.

Tell us about working with space

First we divided the kitchen from the living room. This turned out to be easy with a bar counter. We pasted one wall of the living room with photo wallpapers, which depicted the Golden Bridge at night, with the use of a large picture we de-scaled a small room and visually spread the walls. Near the wall put a small sofa. The result was a cooking zone connected by a recreation area. With the help of suitable furniture, we managed to create a unity of the selected rooms in style, at the same time they each fulfill their purpose, and have different furnishings. The furniture was made to order with the help of our sketches. In the recreation area, its height was lowered, several upper shelves were equipped, a place remained where to place the TV.

How was the work with light and color?

By the length of the ceiling, we built a commonthe backlight, also above the bar counter, made additional lighting in the form of weightless suspended shades. A good choice was the wallpaper with a view of the lights of the night city, they are visually combined with a general illumination, an interesting effect is obtained. The hostess had a light laminate and a dark brown tile, they were useful, selected a color background based on these materials.

What is your pride?

As for every designer, this is the result, andthat customers liked the work done. The space turned out to be multifunctional, compact and concise. We have achieved the result that was originally planned.