The kitchen design of the living room of 20 sq. M with own hands

An interesting design find iscombined kitchen living room. Previously, this was the norm only in the West. Now it has become fashionable for us. Sometimes such a reception is the only way out if the cooking space is cozy, but small. small size, only 20 square meters, solves not only the problem of a small area, but also a number of aesthetic tasks. Living Room Design The combination of kitchen and living room not only increases the area, but also creates an original interior of the apartment.

Advantages of a single living room kitchen in the house

  • The redevelopment makes it possible to enlarge the area of ​​a small-sized apartment, to create coziness and comfort.
  • You can create a trendy interior. The design of the kitchen can be stylish and original.
  • It is convenient to organize various celebrations and dinners.
  • While doing cooking in the kitchen area of ​​the living room, the landlady can look after the young children without leaving the hall.
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    Disadvantages of the combined kitchen of the living room

    Separate zones can be done with a different floor covering.

  • The kitchen is a noisy place, as there are many kitchen appliances working here. Therefore, the noise of a working refrigerator, hoods can disturb family members who are resting in the hall area.
  • All sorts of food smells dominate here. Therefore, you need to use a powerful hood and sliding partitions, so that the aromas from the kitchen do not penetrate into the hall. We need to take extra care to clean the kitchen, otherwise the mud will penetrate into the hall.
  • It can be difficult to unite the premises, if they have an elongated shape.
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    Designing a combined kitchen living room of 20 sq m

  • First of all, you need to legalize the dismantling of the wall. There are many conditions that, according to Russian legislation, need to be taken into account when carrying out the reorganization of the hall.
  • When carrying out the dismantling, you need to remember: now it will be a single space. Therefore, in the project, the design of the kitchen should have a single style solution.
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    Zoning methods

    Visual separation of living room spacebedroom is a good design. It is very important to observe proportions in the interior. The designers consider the following as the most popular ways of visually distinguishing space into independent living and bedroom zones of 20 sq m: The bar counter is not only a fashionable piece of furniture, but also a means of dividing the zones into a room.

  • Arrange pieces of furniture so that the workingThe boundary of the kitchen area was clearly indicated with the help of a massive bar counter or other interior items. Bar counter always looks modern. Usually it is a presentable static gypsum board device with a countertop that has a decorative coating. The table top can be used as a dining table. Another option may be an abutment closely against the counter of the dining table.
  • Very easy to zoning light racks. This fashionable accent in the interior is round, oblique, asymmetrical, with decorative lighting.
  • Use for walls, ceilings, floorsmaterials with contrasting patterns, colors, texture. Each area has its own color and hue. The design of the kitchen with deep, rich colors will be spectacular. In the interior of the living room, calm colors are appropriate. In this area, the decoration of the room can be performed using neutral colors with shades of brown or gray scale.
  • Arrange a different type of lighting in the zoneliving room and kitchen. should be well thought out to create competent illumination of the room. The general area is better illuminated with luxurious suspended lights, chandelier, and the working area of ​​the kitchen - using decorative graceful point sources of diffuse light. This accentuates the interior of the living room combined with the kitchen. It's good if there is plenty of natural light in the kitchen during the day.
  • Install arched walkways, multi-level ceilings and floors.
  • The classical option is stationarypartitions of plastic. The easiest and most effective way of transforming space is to create partitions from plasterboard. These lightweight structures are made of wood, glass, plastic. The design of the living room always looks luxurious with such a partition. It can be forged with an openwork pattern, sliding, with built-in aquarium, matte, with stained glass.
  • Mobile partition is convenient in the interior of the house in that it can be removed or installed. These are screens, screens of fabric, leather, glass, metal, wood.
  • A convenient partition in the living room of 20 sq. M., Whichcan be cleaned easily and quickly. It should be not only light, but also securely fixed, so that it can withstand the weight of any accessories: statuettes, shelves, paintings. Very stylish in the living room of 20 sq. M looks falshstena with multi-level windows.
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    Kitchen design: choose pieces of furniture

    In the living room combined with the kitchen, the color of the furniture should harmonize and resonate.

  • The kitchen set should keep the same stylepremises. This can be achieved by choosing different shades of the same color. In a small room is appropriate corner furniture, which frees more space.
  • Kitchen appliances should be maximally disguised in order to create an aesthetic harmonious interior.
  • You can use special computerprogram to create a design of the living room and a sketch of the placement of furniture in the kitchen-living room. This will give an opportunity to see how the united room will look, whether it will be convenient, aesthetic, functional.
  • The next step will be the purchase of furniture. You can order it, buy it from the store, do it yourself. It is best to buy a kitchen set.
  • How to choose furniture: The option of placing furniture in the living room with kitchen.

  • The design of the living room of 20 sq m will be original withcondition of the correct decision of a problem of installation of furniture. It should be matched harmoniously, so that it can solve the problem of dividing the room into functional areas.
  • Objects of furniture should be selected in such a way as to use the space of the premises sparingly and that it is convenient to prepare food.
  • For this you can use hinged and floor shelves, cabinets.
  • The working surface of the countertop must be strong and comfortable. The most suitable for her is an artificial stone. It looks aesthetically pleasing, durable, well-washed.
  • A practical solution in a small kitchenthere will be a table-transformer or a table-book. The easiest and ergonomic solution will be a reclining table. You can make a console that transforms into a long table when there are a lot of guests in the house.
  • Solve the problem of saving space helps the corner sofa with sliding ottomans. It gives you the opportunity to refuse the purchase of chairs and is suitable for any furniture.
  • If you use stools, they can be removed into the niche under the counter top, when the guests leave.
  • Create a spectacular and modern kitchen designliving room by their own hands to everyone, if there is a great desire. A bright imagination and fresh ideas will become a source of inspiration for the home master for the proper organization of the kitchen and bedroom space of 20 sq. M.