Kitchen-living room design 25 sq m - zoning and style selection

To create a kitchen design living room area of ​​25square meters you need to approach very responsibly, so that it does not seem empty or, conversely, cluttered. Gone are the days when all furniture was placed along the walls, leaving the middle empty. A distinctive feature of the modern kitchen of the living room is cosiness, because it is here that you can relax with family, enjoy each other's company, celebrate significant events and, of course, prepare culinary delights, pleasing loved ones and taking care of their health. Combined kitchen-living roomUnified kitchen - living room visuallyincreases the space of small apartments. To make the dream come true, you need to use visual zoning space and correctly arrange furniture. You can take advantage of several tips and decorate the room with a fashionable interior, realizing your fantasies and making the room a multi-functional living room modern, cozy and comfortable.

Zoning the room

Since the functionality of the kitchen and living room is somewhat different, you need to zoning the room. Here are a few ways:

  • "Smart partitions", partially hiding some places in the room.
  • Two-level sex: use of a podium for any zone. Design kitchen with a podium and smart partitions.
  • Multilevel ceiling. Very fashionable trend in modern design of apartments and private houses.
  • Bar counter can become a means of separationbetween the kitchen and the living room. Or a partition (shelving) from a variety of materials. Kitchen design with a multi-level ceiling, a bar rack and decorative hanging lights.
  • Floor coverings. For the kitchen we choose tiles, because the floors have to be washed often, the living room area is covered with laminate, carpet or parquet. You can make the entire floor tiles, and put a carpet in the living room.
  • Color separation. The living room kitchen in different zones is made in different colors. It can be whitewashing, wallpaper, wall tiles. Separation of the kitchen of the living room into functional areas with the help of color separation and floor coverings.
  • Zoning with light (fixtures). In the work area (cooking), you need bright lighting, more muted - in the recreation area (living room).
  • Focus on the design of windows: for example, kitchen - curtains, living room - fabric blinds, or vice versa.
  • Division of space into zones by furniture, which can be arranged in n-shaped (three walls) or use angular and island forms.
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    Choose style, color and light

    When choosing a color, you must follow the unspokenrule: both zones are made in the same style and harmonious color. Kitchen design should not have bright contrasts. Neutral colors are green and gray. Visually expand the inner space of blue, yellow and white, reduce - dark tones. For the working area of ​​cooking, as mentioned above, you need a bright light. The best spot lights are located on the bottom of the shelves around the perimeter of the cooking area. And a few lamps on the ceiling. Thus, modern lighting design we improve the design of the kitchen and create comfortable conditions for cooking. The option of arranging furniture in the living room,combined with the kitchen. A large room requires good natural light. Artificial lighting design of the living room depends on the location of the furniture. A beautiful addition to the living room is a chandelier that is mounted in the center. Additional sources of light - wall lamps, wall and suspended fixtures. The interior of the living room and kitchen should be combined. Therefore, the choice of style, too, must be taken seriously. Although even the most complex style will successfully fit into the large dimensions of our living room kitchen. Ideas of design can be very different. For example, art deco. Or combination: the design of the kitchen space in a modern style, and the living room - in the classical: beautiful pillows and bedspreads on the sofa and armchairs, carved table, ottomans. If you like the Japanese style, the walls are done in pastel colors, instead of a couch, a couch is placed, and for the section of the zones a screen with Japanese graphics or decor elements is used. The design of the kitchen and living room in the Italian style involves marble floors, soft golden scale and beautiful stucco. Furniture is selected in accordance with the chosen colors and overall design. Choose your original interior, equip your living room, and let it become the center of domestic gatherings and a cozy place of rest for your family.