Living room kitchen design: separation of functional areas

Almost everyone dreams of having at their disposala spacious kitchen for cooking and a living room, where a large table can gather the whole family. But the usual layout of apartments does not always allow you to realize this desire. In order to implement it, some owners of small apartments decide. This allows not only to expand the space of the premises, but also to make the apartment more exclusive and functional. In addition, the design of the combined kitchen of the living room looks very modern and fashionable. Design of modern living room kitchenFor small apartments, the combination of kitchen and living roomis an excellent option that allows not only more functional and rational use of space, but also create an original design for an unusual room. The main advantage of combining kitchen and living room is that instead of two small rooms we get a large spacious room in which it is very convenient to receive guests. The hostess does not need to absent herself in the kitchen for cooking, while everyone is talking and having fun. Very often it happens that more people are connected to cooking. Another advantage - there is no need to constantly go to the kitchen for utensils, because everything is at hand. When combining the two rooms there is no need to buy a second TV and it's easier to look after the young children. If you decide to redevelop, then the first thing you need to get permission to demolish the wall and pick the most suitable design. Ways to design living rooms, combined with the kitchen, can be different.

Separation of zones in the design of the living room kitchen

For a harmonious and comfortable designthe combined kitchen of the living room is better divided into distinct zones: 1) cooking area; 2 - zone of food intake; 3 - rest area. The wall can be demolished completely, but only a part of it can be removed. In the second variant, the functional zones will be separated by means of the nominal wall. If the wall is removed completely, the space can be divided into several zones at its discretion. Depending on the lifestyle of the owners of the apartment, in the kitchen-living room can be identified the following areas:

  • Zone for cooking. It houses all the necessary equipment and furniture, which is necessary for convenient cooking: a refrigerator, a kitchen wall, an oven, etc.
  • Area for eating. It usually houses a table, chairs and a cupboard or chest of drawers for storing dishes.
  • Rest zone. Everyone presents their rest in their own way, that's why the interior of this zone is different for everyone. Most often in the recreation area you can see a sofa, a TV and a music center.
  • The play area is a cozy corner for playing small children. Sometimes there is a musical instrument or a table for table games in this zone.
  • The working area is created in the kitchenthe lack of space in the apartment. Here you will find a desktop, a comfortable chair, a computer, a bookcase and other interior items necessary for work.
  • To divide the territory into zones usemany tricks: they make a difference in the level of the floor, install columns, partitions, arches, small screens, etc. Zoning can be done with lighting, finishing materials, color, multi-level ceilings. The living room kitchen can be separated by a bar counter or arranged in a row pots with flowers. Back to contents</a>

    Disadvantages of kitchen design living room

    Very often young couples do redevelopment andunite two rooms to expand the space. But if there is no bedroom in the room, you need to be prepared for the fact that you have to sleep next to the refrigerator and other household appliances, adjust to the lifestyle of people living with you. This design of the room is more suitable for a bachelor apartment or for a room where each has its own separate room. Deciding to make such a redevelopment, you need to think in advance what you will do if the family has children. After cooking and meeting with friends will interfere with the comfortable sleep of the baby. Back to contents</a>

    Design of the living room kitchen in minimalism style

    To separate zones in the combined kitchen of the living roomIt is customary to use different floor coverings, lighting, floor or ceiling levels, as well as partitions, screens or flower pots. Interior design in the style of minimalism is the best fit in this case. First, it will visually expand the space and make the room more light. Secondly, the style of minimalism will create the most comfortable and convenient conditions. When using this direction in the design, the walls are usually painted or finished with textured plaster. The working wall is decorated with a monophonic tile. The ceiling is also made monophonic. With the help of lighting, the zones are divided into zones. For this, multi-level structures are often installed. For the floor in the kitchen area choose a ceramic tile. The floor in the living room is covered with linoleum, wood or laminate. Carpeting will not be a very good option if you do not have a special washing vacuum cleaner to care for it. </a> Separation into zones in the kitchen of the living room in styleMinimalism is due to lighting, which is often used to mount various multi-level structures. Furniture in the style of minimalism can be made of wood, have aluminum profiles, leather and chrome parts. The kitchen wall is located along the wall. Next to it, there should be enough space for the hostess to move comfortably while cooking. In a room of this type must be installed a powerful hood. Upholstery for upholstered furniture is also chosen with a single color, with bright contrasting details. All soft furniture should be practical in terms of cleaning. Do not buy, for example, a sofa, with the upholstery of which is very difficult to remove the stain. The main principle of the minimalism style is the absence of everything superfluous. When decorating the kitchens of the living rooms, only clear forms should be used. The room should have plenty of light and the necessary minimum of furniture. Back to contents</a>

    Design of the kitchen of the living room in oriental style

    The design of the room, executed in the oriental style,always causes increased interest and a desire to unravel the mystery of the charm of the East. Many, wishing to feel the atmosphere of oriental culture as much as possible, not only make the interior in oriental style, but also prepare oriental dishes in national costumes. The design of the room in the oriental style attracts with its fabulous refinement, it gives comfort and pacification. Deciding to make the kitchen a living room in oriental style,it is necessary to pay special attention to furniture made of wood and oriental wall decoration (for example, mosaic or cork panels). Oriental style implies the presence of smooth, rounded forms, bright oriental accents, original exotic decor, an abundance of textiles and natural materials in the finish. For a meal, very low furniture is usually chosen. Sometimes meals are taken directly on the floor among colorful colorful pillows with graceful patterns. The color scheme in the room, executed in the oriental style, is warm and deep. In this interior should not be present cold and unnatural shades. Very good fit all brown and red colors, orange, yellow, crimson, golden beige and sand. Very effective will look a combination of white and black. All shades should be natural and harmonious with each other. Furniture for the kitchen area should be made of wood (or simulate it). Wood is also used as a finishing material for walls and floors. Usually, shades of dark or mahogany are used. In addition to wooden panels, small mosaic, cork panels, fine-grained plaster, silk wallpaper (monochromatic or with oriental ornament) are used for wall decoration. Thinking over the interior of the combined kitchen of the living room inoriental style, you need to pay special attention to the appropriate details and accessories: dishes, aroma lamps, carpets, curtains, even plants. The ceiling can be supplemented with arched constructions and beautiful arches and beams. Before the windows you can put sliding panels of frosted glass with oriental ornaments. If a Japanese style of interior is chosen, blinds or curtains made of bamboo are hung on the windows. In the design of the kitchens living rooms in the oriental style will be appropriate to the following elements of the interior:

    • elegant jugs and dishes in the oriental style;
    • hookah;
    • aromatic lamps and lamps in Arabic style;
    • furniture made of wood, bamboo, stone and glass;
    • bright pillows;
    • mats;
    • narrow shelves installed around the perimeter of the room;
    • carpets with oriental patterns.

    The dining table must have a rectangular shape. Instead, you can install an elegant low table for eating. The kitchen set should not have excesses, its forms should be concise. The furniture is decorated with oriental ornaments and patterns, and reed or bamboo napkins are placed on the table.