Kitchen Living Room Design: Zoning Techniques

Create a kitchen-living room design is not easy. However, today such premises are becoming more popular. Experts believe that there are two reasons for this. Design of living room-kitchenIf the kitchen and living room are combined in the same room, they are recommended to be visually divided.

  • To create a more spacious room by combining space.
  • Some people are attracted to the idea of ​​open planning, which allows the family to visually be together even when the hostess is busy cooking food.
  • Usually the design of the kitchen and the living room connected to itimplies the division of the room into zones. You can select them in many ways. However, before you start to equip the living room, combined with the kitchen, it is worth considering all the attractive and not attractive sides of this design.

    To unite or not to unite?

    Most often, thinking about the integration of two premises into one, the homeowners take into account only the positive aspects of this layout.

  • Visual expansion of space: the demolished walls really make the room more spacious. Even psychologists believe that the opportunity to have dinner at the same table makes the family relationship stronger.
  • Simplify the organization of family dinners and celebrations. In order to serve new dishes on the table, the hostess should not constantly move from one room to another.
  • Decrease in the amount of furniture purchased. Today almost every kitchen has a TV. But even the smallest model costs money. Kitchen living room allows you to get by with one telepanel, which helps to save money.
  • The combination of kitchen and living room allows a woman not to feel "tied to the stove". Even when preparing dinner, she can participate in conversations that are conducted in the living room.
  • Divide the kitchen and living room withdifferent floor coverings. Experience and practice show that, by combining two so important for life premises, some homeowners after a while again make repairs to separate the kitchen from the living room. Why? Because they did not take into account the negative aspects of this design. And they too are. The design of the living room combined with the room in which the stove is standing may not like it, because:

  • Sounds and odors, characteristic for cooking andheating food, will constantly fill the living room. Even the most powerful hoods can not remove all the flavors. Sounds of a working microwave, hood, washing machine (if it is installed in the kitchen) can even muffle the sounds of a working TV.
  • Kitchen-living room requires more thorough cleaning. First, the condensate from the prepared dishes will constantly settle on the furniture. Secondly, if the plate left on the table is permissible in the kitchen, then in the living room it creates a kind of conspicuous disorder.
  • That's why the unification of the premises, inand the rooms in which they eat are to be considered and weighed. If the decision to create an open plan is still accepted, you will have to think about how to visually divide the two rooms. Back to contents</a>

    Zoning of kitchen and living room

    There are many ways to visually separate two rooms. Most commonly used:

  • Zoning with ceiling design.
  • Separation into zones by means of different floor coverings.
  • Partitions dividing rooms.
  • You can make zoning kitchen-living room withusing a variety of lighting sources. If there is no possibility to install a screen, partition, sofa or other furniture visually dividing the room in the kitchen, then it can be divided into zones with the help of different floor covering. Very good design of the kitchen, if:

  • In the kitchen floor is covered with tiles, and in the living room area - any other material: laminate, carpet, etc.
  • In both rooms the flooring is made of one material of different colors.
  • A very popular reception today for design is the separation of the sexes at altitude. More often raise the kitchen floors, but no one forbids doing the opposite.
  • To allocate space for rest it is possible by means of a usual carpet or a mat. Back to contents</a>

    Other methods of zoning

    If there is no desire to differentiate space using different floor coverings, other methods can be applied.

  • Separation into zones with the help of a painted in a different color of the ceiling.
  • Different wall decoration. Very aesthetically, when both methods are used in parallel. In this case, it is recommended to take into account, what different zones will be illuminated. It is more convenient to use point or classic lamps in the cooking area, and where the guests will gather - more refined and elegant.
  • Use of lightweight structures, screens or furniture. The kitchen-living room, which represents a visually undivided room, looks uncomfortable. Make it more attractive will help curly, partially overlapping the conventional wall boundary, arches, bar counters.
  • The role of "separators" of two premises can beTo carry out the usual sofa, the case, deployed in the direction of the living room. The cabinet can be even two-sided, but in this case it will have to be made to order. Finished structures of this kind are rare.
  • Magnificent looking apartments, in which as an object separating the premises, use the aquarium. Back to contents</a>

    What you need to take into account when designing the kitchen-living room design

    In order to combine unevenly different zones for their functional purpose, there is not an unpleasant mix of absurdities, while developing a project, one should clearly adhere to the basic requirements.

  • If the zones are decorated in different styles, then surely there must be objects, these styles are unifying.
  • To ensure that the room does not cut your eyes, you need to maintain its color scheme and remember that there are colors that combine, complementing or contrasting with each other, and there are incompatible shades.
  • When preparing a project, you need to think about whatin the combined version of the kitchen and the living room, a powerful extract is required. Well, if the other communications (wires, air ducts, etc.) are hidden behind suspended ceilings or panels on the walls.
  • You can not clutter such a room with furniture. If the kitchen-living room is arranged in a "Khrushchev" or "brezhnevke", then to create an optical effect of a large space, you can use bright glossy surfaces or mirrors.
  • Properly thought out design obeys the effectSynergy, in which 1 + 1 gives more than two. This means that, using the necessary techniques, the landlord not only gets a spacious, properly equipped space, but also can enjoy the joy of communication.