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Design of living room combined with kitchen: planning solutions


Kitchen, combined with the living room - not so muchA rare design solution to date. But how correctly to unite the "working" area of ​​the kitchen with the living room, where people usually rest and have fun, and do you need it? We have prepared for you advice and ideas for the competent arrangement of such a space

Before deciding to combine the kitchen andliving room, you should think about the advisability of such a step. It is necessary to evaluate all the pros and cons, since in addition to positive aspects, there are also negative ones. Pros and cons

In terms of space, combining kitchen andthe dining room will give you visual space. This option is ideal for a small apartment, where two combined spaces are separated by a partition, but you simply cannot do without such a design. In many European countries, apartments cannot boast of a large area. For example, the factory produces kitchens and furniture items based on typical layouts of French apartments. That is why such furniture looks weightless and compact, and enviable functionality allows you to use the space as useful as possible. Kitchen cabinet Lynka from Mobalpa Suspension cabinet Hestia from Mobalpa Storage systems Mobalpa on proprietary accessories move smoothly and noiselessly. Mobalpa Storage System

If you look at the situation through the eyes of the landlady, thenThe obvious advantage is that she can easily communicate with guests without being distracted from the cooking process. The downside is the fact that if "creative disorder" is possible in a closed kitchen, then in a combined space it is necessary to maintain cleanliness, so as not to introduce dissonance into the cozy atmosphere of the living room. Kitchen Luna by Mobalpa

This option is also suitable for fansParties and cozy gatherings, but if the apartment is small (one- or two-roomed) and with you live small children or elderly people, then they may not have room for a rest and sleep.

Those who decide on a design that combines a kitchen and a living room should first of all think about the choice. Hood

It is easy to guess that all the flavors from cookingRich borscht or baked meat will immediately move to the living room, causing admiration of the guests. But it is better, of course, not to allow the spread of smells, and with them, fat from the kitchen, and for this, there must be a powerful hood with the outlet to the ventilation above the surface of the plate. Other equipment

Make sure that the above hoodMade as little noise as possible, as it will be perfectly audible in the kitchen and in the living room. The same goes for the refrigerator, dishwasher, and any other unit that you want to place in the kitchen.

As for design, it is desirable that allThe attributes of modern kitchens were built in and did not stand out from the overall interior. Mobalpa knows exactly where and how to hide your equipment, and also offers a good range of textures and colors. Kiffa module Kitchen Tallys by Mobalpa Kitchen Callisto from Mobalpa. The whitish oak Zoning

Although we have combined the kitchen and the living room, but nevertheless somehow it is necessary to differentiate between them. You can do this in various ways.

  • Partition

Do not completely destroy the interior partition.Leaving a small part, you can build a bar from it or designate this place for pots with plants. A small pass-through cabinet with shelves, and even can serve as a partition. Many furniture elements and kitchens Mobalpa justAnd created in order to maximally comfortably combine the kitchen and living room. And it's not just some islands, but functional and convenient partitions, cabinets and racks that allow you to create the right zoning. Kitchen Kiffa from Mobalpa. Ocher Kitchen Hestia & Melia by Mobalpa

  • Raznourovnevy floor

A bold decision will be a floor of different levels. Naturally, it is necessary to "lift" the kitchen area, but the main thing is not to overdo it. The design of the living room, by the way, will not suffer at the same time.

  • Materials

Use of different materials in kitchen design andThe living room also allows you to easily visually divide the room. Shades also play an important role in zoning space, and if you fantasize over the ceiling, adding some element, such as a large wooden beam, it will not only perfectly fit into the design of both the living room and kitchen, but also divide them.

  • Shine

To everything that we have already discussed, addCorrect lighting: somewhere a little muffled, and somewhere, on the contrary - accent. Hang the main chandelier over the dining table, thereby creating a central living room area.