The design of the living room in the classical style: the choice of furniture, decoration and textiles

"Eternal Classics" this phrasenot accidentally went down in history. It accurately describes the relevance and popularity of the classic style in the interior. Classics are not influenced by fashion trends and the passage of time. This style, like no other suitable for the design of living rooms and halls, which collect the family in a warm evening atmosphere. Before deciding to create a living room in the classical style, note that it has always been a sign of a certain status of the owner. Living room in classic styleIt is recommended to use warm and light colors in interior design.

The main criteria for determining the classical style

The main feature that distinguishes the classics froma variety of styles, this is austerity, consisting of symmetry, regular geometric shapes, a clear structure of interior elements and decor. In such a living room you will not see randomly selected accessories or cheap materials. In the design of the living room is recommended to use the floorfrom natural stone. If you like the columns and porticos created by masters of marble and granite, you are not indifferent to the majestic fireplaces decorated with stucco and laid out by the tile, which means that your living room must necessarily be made in a classical style. Tool in the hands of the designer becomes darkened bronze, gilding and crystal. To replace the usual windows in the living room in the classical style come stained glass designs. If your main room does not have a large area, use the reflection effect, this function can perform massive mirrors in frames of copper or gold. The main elements of the decor will be vases, paintings and sculptures located in niches. In order not to harm the overall impression, try not to cross the thin line that separates luxury from the "expensive bad taste". Back to contents</a>

Palette in classic style

Color matching scheme. Color in the classical interior plays a major role. In the category of light colors, preference is given to the color of ivory or dairy. White in its classic understanding is widely used only when creating the Italian style. All shades of white create magnificent tandems with gilding, natural stone of various colors and lacquered wood. If the design of the living room in white color looks dull for you, take a closer look at the shades of turquoise, beige, blue and rich cherry. When choosing a color, it is important to consider the side of the light that the windows face. For "northern" rooms it is preferable to use warm shades. In the classical design only natural wood is used, the most suitable breeds are walnut, plum and wenge. Owners of the "southern" living rooms can safely use the cold color scheme, which gives a successful combination with a dark-colored tree: mahogany and merry oak. Playing with color, shape and pattern will help visually adjust the space. Expand the room will help a small picture on the walls, raise the low ceiling - the task of columns and vertical strips in the finish. A significant change in the height of the living room can be achieved by combining a snow-white ceiling and a dark monophonic floor. In this situation it does not matter which coating is chosen for the floor, it can be either a parquet or a tile. Back to contents</a>

Decoration of the ceiling and walls

Scheme of installation of a two-level ceiling fromdrywall. The work on the embodiment of the classic interior begins with the finishing of the ceiling. The optimal solution will be plastering and finishing with white matte latex paint. Thanks to the white color in the living room arises some aristocracy. Choosing paint, give preference to eminent brands, the quality of which is checked by users. Otherwise, the ceiling over time can upset you with an unpleasant yellow tinge. When decorating walls, the choice is in front of a one-color painting and pasting wallpaper. In the classical style will have to abandon the now popular linoleum and laminate, even if they will have the highest quality. Your choice is parquet made of natural wood or tiles. Parquet when laying can form various drawings - from a simple square and Christmas tree to an intricate rose of winds. The highest aerobatics is the design of the living room, the floor of which is made using natural stone. Among the variety of the most strong marble and polished granite. If the choice is made in favor of the tile, remember the rule of the ratio of the dimensions of the room and the elements of the coating: the larger the area, the larger the tile used for the flooring. Collections of tiles allow you to create various patterns on the floor, incredibly attractive look rosettes of different stones, located in the center of the hall. Back to contents</a>

Selection of furniture and textiles

Classic style is easy to emphasize with dooropenings, decorated in the form of an open arch. If you can not refuse from the door, you should prefer the design of a wooden array with decorative elements of brass and bronze. For windows, the duet of strength and elegance of wood and aluminum does not lose its popularity. The modern technology of laminating the surface of a window frame will never replace a natural tree. Undoubtedly, draw attention to the living room furniture, if the design intent allows, you can use carving, gilding, metal lining and enamel inserts. Forged highlight are decorative elements. What furniture would be appropriate in the living room? A place of honor should occupy a wide leather sofa or a soft corner. If between the skin and the fabric you chose the second option, take care that the upholstery color is slightly darker than the walls. The design of the living room is done using velvet, soft velor, satin and jacquard. These same fabrics will be appropriate when decorating a window. With sufficient ceiling height, you can use lambrequin, but even in the absence of curtains, the curtains should be large enough. The issue of lighting can be solved by installing a multi-lamp crystal chandelier, a bronze massive chandelier with shades of frosted glass in the form of candles or balls. On the walls hang lamps, in harmony with the chandelier in style.