Design of a living room in a country house: photo, interior.


Today the country house serves not only forsummer holidays, but also for permanent residence. Many residents of large cities prefer comfortable accommodation in a private home. It can be equipped with the latest technology and create a cozy atmosphere. Each room here should be designed to the taste of the whole family. Interior of a drawing room in a country houseThe interior of the living room should support a cozyatmosphere for each member of the family. A special role is given to the living room. There are several styles in which the design of a living room in a country house can be matched. The choice of the most suitable one will depend on the preferences of the owners.

The choice of style for the design of a country house

Classic style contains finishing materialslight colors, natural furniture, rare things. For the design of a country house, the classical style fits perfectly. In time, he will not lose his popularity and will be relevant. When decorating walls and ceilings, materials of light colors are used here. For this, wallpaper, tile or paint is suitable. Bright and catchy colors in this design are unacceptable. Furniture should be made of natural materials. It can be wood, gypsum or glass. The color of furniture is better to choose darker than the walls. A good addition to the classic style will be floor lamps and hangers, as well as rarity. Welcome in the living room and a fireplace. The living room can be decorated in Scandinavian style. Its characteristic feature is natural naturalness. This design uses wood, stone or fabric. Elements of decor should also be closer to natural ones. The color scheme should be light. Suitable for decoration cold shades. Ideally, this style will look in a wooden house. As decoration materials wallpaper or paint is suitable. On the walls can be depicted leaves, flowers and other natural motifs. Good furniture is made of wood. One of the walls can be decorated in the form of masonry. The style of Provence contains wooden elementsand natural colors. You can decorate the living room in a modern style. Here you can use different color shades. As finishing materials, plastic, glass, polyurethane, etc. are suitable. In this style, contrast reception is used. The furniture is characterized by straight lines and a strict appearance. Here you can show imagination and use modern decorative elements. Good for a Provencal country house style. It is often called rustic. It is appropriate to use wooden elements. For decoration porcelain and clay products are suitable. For finishing it is necessary to choose natural colors and texture. This style does not require much money. Some details can be made by hand. The furniture here is used with a floral ornament of different shades. In the room you can put a chest of drawers or a sideboard. To supplement the general view will be all kinds of floor lamps, statuettes, light curtains and similar decor attributes. Design does not require frills. Back to contents</a>

Fireplace in the interior of a country house

The fireplace creates an atmosphere of warmth and comfort in the living room. The design of a country house can be supplemented with a fireplace. He has a special role. With his help, the room creates a cozy and special atmosphere. Most often the fireplace is used in the living room, which is decorated in a classic or Scandinavian style. However, if it is done correctly, it will fit into any other interior. To do this, it must match the general concept of the room. In order for the fireplace to fit well into the interior, it is necessary to correctly choose its finish. It can be stone, marble, metal, etc. Decorate the fireplace and give it the appropriate look will help decorative interior details. It can be a rare clock, pictures within the framework, located above the fireplace, and other similar things. Of course, it is desirable that the fireplace itself be natural. It can be heated by firewood. The electrical option is more suitable for an apartment. In a small room you can make a corner fireplace. It will look good, but it does not take much space. He will not clutter the room. Before the fireplace you can put upholstered furniture, appropriate style of the room. Do not place near the equipment. It is better to put it at a safe distance from the fire. Back to contents</a>

Features of interior design of a country house

Arrangement of a cozy house requires largeefforts. Here it is necessary to think over every little thing. To arrange the living room you can use completely different things. To create a cozy atmosphere for the whole family, you can use family portraits and photographs in decoration. Old things, which belonged to a grandmother or great-grandmother, are also suitable. It can be statuettes, antique watches, etc. Such decor will please the whole family. Particular attention should be paid to small things. They create the whole atmosphere of the room. Do not clutter the living room. It would be better to look spacious room. Pay attention to the windows. Curtains are recommended to be selected in accordance with the general style. These can be drapes, sewn by hand. Decorate the furniture can be knitted capes or tablecloths. On the floor should be placed a carpet. All this plays a big role in decorating the living room. In this case it will be appropriate to include your imagination and come up with an original and at the same time interesting kind of room. Since the living room is the room where most of the time is spent, it should be beautiful. Guests should feel the warmth and sincerity that were invested in the design of this room.