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Design of the living room in the house: a New Year project for the Fazenda program


On the eve of the last January festival -Old New Year - whose meaning will be understood only by the native of our great and mighty, we decided to publish a very beautiful New Year's interior created for the program "Fazenda"

The object of this project created for the program"Fazenda" has become a 40-meter living room in a country house where a family of three lives. Based on the wishes of the customers, it was decided to divide the living room into two parts: a classic one for traditional family dinners and a modern one for the whole family. The designers have chosen calm noble tones as the coloristic solution of the space, maintaining the atmosphere of warmth and coziness of the living room of a country house. Ekaterina Saraeva, Anna Domnikova, Tatiana Plesser, "DESAPT":

Several years ago, having behind one's shouldersHigher education, graduated from the Moscow State University of Culture and Arts and the Contemporary School of Design, where they became familiar, became friends and realized that now the design of interiors is not just a favorite profession, but also a lifestyle.

The design studio implements interiors of any kind - from private to public, from apartments and cottages to offices, bars and restaurants.

In their work, girls are guided by the principle: there are no two identical projects, since the most important detail when creating an interior is his idea, but it is always individual.

The studio's motto is: "We do not do standard projects, we make your dream come true and create a mood."

The layout is based on axial symmetry. With the help of decorative polyurethane half-columns "Europlast" designers divided the room in half. The mirror panel, simulating a symmetrical entrance and located at the opposite wall from the door, supports this idea. Complement the plastic solution of various cornices, in the classical and modern parts, thin moldings framing the cabinet and windows, multi-level ceilings with a caisson and rosette.

The floor is laid with moisture-resistant eco-friendly plates fromQuickDeck. Most of all, this wood-chip version is suitable for rooms with high humidity and frequent temperature drops (especially for country houses).

On the walls and ceiling - plasterboard. In one part of the room, a caisson is used as a tool for functional zoning. The frames of the cabinets are lined.

The walls are painted in two colors: one part of the room is yellow, the other is noble gray. Water-based paint - English (produced by Manders), has no smell and dries quickly.

One of the living room walls is decorated with Affresco frescoes andA picture gallery, which the mistress of the house dreamed of. The opposite wall is decorated with Leto gypsum plaster tiles. The floor is covered with a light parquet board with a light brash.

The built-in cabinet is designed by the designers of the project. In its center there is a fireplace Dimplex with a white portal. Radiators of heating are hidden behind openwork perforated screens. Especially for the project furniture factory "Avenue"produced a large round table in the neoclassical style. The color, the unusual shape of the base and the glass top work here on the idea of ​​a traditional dining table. Transparent chairs from do not clutter up the space at all. Another subject, performed by the company "Avenue"- coffee table. All stylistic elements of the interior are joined by a spectacular console, also created individually for the project. Black armchair in a modern style from Most of the coverage is provided by the companyDonolux - a chandelier made from hand-bent glass, romantic table-lamp paws, which in all respects resemble candles, and a thin elegant suspension with adjustable height.

The living room is covered with white matt tulle withoutInvoices and prints from Decor City. Curtains from the same manufacturer are made of dense material in gray metallic color. Other curtains, also used in the project, are the colors of melted milk with a velvety texture.

On the portal of the fireplace you can see Candles candles, andDirectly above it - a handmade designer wreath. The table is decorated in festive style with lots of glass from Luminarc and cutlery from Almin.