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Decorating the living room: decor rules and designer tips


Make a living room ideal in terms ofcomfort and good taste in the room? Easy if you use universal decorating rules. Today you will find out what these secrets are and learn how to independently apply them in your home, and the opinion of professionals will help you with this.Living room for many is the most important room in the house, and when it comes to decorating it, And what are you guided by when decorating and furnishing your living room? We can assume that the experience of past repairs and alterations, advice from friends, examples from magazines and TV shows dedicated to design. And it is right. But this is not enough. Therefore, we have collected recommendations that you should follow if you want to avoid voluntary and involuntary mistakes. You can share these tips with your friends later when their excitement about your impeccable-looking living room subsides. So, what follows and what is by no means recommended to do when decorating a living room. Nine NO and nine YES to help you!

Furniture - at once, paint - then

NO: Don't pick the paint color in the first place.The paint is available in stores, and you can change your mind in the process of decorating the room. What if a luxurious purple sofa doesn't match the green walls? Designers say this about the choice of paint: in most cases, it should be one of the last things you do when equipping and decorating rooms. YES: choose the most expensive or favorite piece of furniture and build further decoration composition around it.

We put the legs on the carpet

NO: Do not use a rug that is too small.This is the most common mistake people make when decorating a living room. YES: Make sure all pieces of furniture match the selected carpet. Ideally, all four legs of oversized tables, armchairs and chairs should stand on it, but if this cannot be foreseen and calculated in advance, place at least the front legs of the furniture group on the carpet. However, please note: this rule does not apply to small pieces of furniture - they must be completely on the carpet.

Do not click to the wall!

NO:do not seek to arrange all the furniture along the walls. Leave space so that you can, if necessary, go behind the back of the sofa or move it slightly to the left or closer, improving the composition. YES: arrange furniture in a group, moving it away from the walls whenever possible to create an area of ​​some kind of private communication. Asya Bondareva, interior designer:- I like to hide all the equipment (TV, speakers, stereo system, set-top boxes, etc.) to the maximum. Make a niche for TV - even though TVs are now flat, it is better to hide even a small gap from the wall in a niche. It is better to put all the equipment into furniture, think over all the necessary shelves in advance. If there are columns, you also need to think about them in advance, find the right place for them so that they do not look superfluous. All these moments require thoughtfulness, otherwise the most noticeable place, which will always be in front of your eyes, will begin to annoy or look untidy.

Art should not be too high

NO:do not hang paintings, photographs and posters too high on the wall. Many people tend to hang them almost from the ceiling. This is a big mistake. YES: Hang pictures at about eye level. Of course, there can be both very tall and petite people among your guests. But remember the rule: it is better to hang art objects slightly lower than above average height. Our opinion: - When hanging "clarity" on the wall, do not forget to find the conditional center, if it is a composition, and build all the other pictures or photos around it. Of course, this center should be located at the eye level of a person of average height. Do not place the specimens too close to each other, leave at least 5 cm between them.

There is not much light

NO: Don't ignore the importance of dimming.Whenever possible, every lamp or sconce should be dimmed. YES: Combine different lighting scenarios in your living room. Add table lamps, floor lamps, sconces to the overhead light - whatever you like. This will provide more light, as well as make the room itself and everything in it more attractive.

Do not forget about textiles

NO: Don't use too many brightly colored pillows.And don't go overboard with couch pillows. Otherwise, you or your guests will have to remove them somewhere in order to sit. YES: choose your pillows carefully - in quantity, size and color. Choose those that will set off or accentuate the furniture and the overall look of the room. And don't be afraid to buy expensive copies if they are of high quality. Even a couple of small but well-chosen pillows will have a big impact on the entire interior. Asya Bondareva, interior designer:- Decor for creating coziness in the living room is a must. The most important thing is textiles, decorative pillows, blankets, curtains, this always brings zest, sometimes it is just textiles that can change the mood of the interior. It is good to have several sets at once, for example, winter and summer. The clock also works great in the living room as a decor, now there is such a variety, it is both a functional item and at the same time a wonderful filling of the wall. I recommend using one large watch or several different ones at once.

Think of furniture!

NO:do not choose items for the living room that will be located only on one level. Mix tall elements with low ones. There are many great ways to save money, but this is not the case. Quality comes first, and size and shape can be combined in the most unexpected variations. YES: buy the best quality sofa. This is a piece of furniture in which you can and should invest a lot of money - it is chosen for a long time, and replacing a cheap and disappointing piece will eventually cost more. Remember that a medium-quality sofa should serve you for at least 10 years, and a high-class sofa should last up to 25 years.

Combine patterns

NO:do not get carried away by mixing geometric patterns in the interior of the living room. In general, do not get carried away with it anywhere. The ideal number for one room is three. Mix them on different scales, using one large, one medium and one small (or in some other combination, but certainly from three components). YES: Decorate the room with patterns. They add liveliness and character to the space.

Follow the rules, create new

NO:don't let anyone tell you how you should or shouldn't decorate your interior. This is your home, and it should be convenient for you first of all. YES: Follow the basic math rules for decor. They exist to help you create a cozy and comfortable space that is pleasing to the eye. Our opinion: - All the methods people come up with. The most successful ideas become rules. But there is nothing immutable where, thanks to experience, fantasy and intuition, new, unexpected techniques are born. That is, future rules. Feel free to create your own!