Design of the living room with fireplace and TV

Properly designed design of the living room with a fireplace and TV is becoming more relevant, because these items, at first glance completely incompatible, are found in its interior more often. Interior with fireplace and TVSuch elements of the living room as a TV and a fireplace will provide comfort and comfort for every member of the family.

Warmth and comfort for the whole family

The living room is the center of the house. Here they rest after a hard day, receive guests, celebrate family holidays. That is why the design of the living room is so carefully thought out, because everyone should feel comfortable and cozy in it. A special, incomparable atmosphere can create a fireplace - a symbol of a home in the modern world. A real wood fireplace can only be installed in a private house. To install it you will need to fulfill many conditions and requirements. The electric fireplace is compact, safe andbeautiful. Thanks to modern developments, owners of apartments in multi-storey buildings can also afford such pleasure as a fireplace in the interior. These are electrical models. They are safe, very beautiful, easy to handle and maintain. In addition, a huge variety of models and sizes makes it possible to choose a model for any interior design. An electric fireplace is a hearth with a decorative frame or portal. For their design, various materials are used that imitate stone, brick, marble, wood. The portal can become an excellent stand for various cute little things that will complement the design of the living room: family photos, figurines, boxes, candlesticks. Most often it is designed in a classic style. This means that the design uses light colors, stucco molding, massive wooden furniture. Modern models of fireplaces are ideal for country-style or eco-style rooms. Especially for the living room combined with the kitchen. The design of such a room is able to recreate the fresh and calm atmosphere of a country house. When decorating the interior, you should use natural natural colors and textures: all shades of gray and brown, milky, natural green. These colors should be taken as a basis in a "natural" interior. Even more reminiscent of a country house, wooden beams on the ceiling, located above the kitchen. Decorative bars imitating beams will perfectly separate the kitchen area from the living room. The rustic style will be complemented by a special decor: knitted rugs, armchairs, with covers made of rough fabric, green plants. Back to the table of contents</a>

Two in one place

The fireplace and TV must be of the same size. Going to plant a TV and a fireplace in one room, the first thing you need to start with is to choose the right sizes. They should be as much as possible. If you do not adhere to this rule, it will be quite difficult to create from them a decent composition in the interior. A larger object will constantly attract attention to itself. If at the development stage it was not planned to specifically single out one of them, then they should be equivalent. Because of the acute shortage of free space in a normal apartment, you can not equip a fireplace in a separate room or allocate a whole wall for it. One of the best solutions in this situation is the placement of a TV and a fireplace in one plane. In a similar interior fireplace will play a major role. Therefore, do not install the TV so that it overlaps the view of the fire. The best solution in this situation will be the arrangement in which the surface of the fireplace will merge with the TV screen. Then everything will look stylish and harmonious and every detail will be able to play the role assigned to it. A rest area can be organized around this composition: comfortable armchairs and sofas, beautiful floor lamps, as well as small tables for tea drinking. You can install on the sides of the fireplace small shelves with different necessary trifles: books, drinks. However, it is worth remembering that all items should be at arm's length, so that if necessary, something should not have to leave the comfortable armchair. The main thing when you combine a fireplace and TVSet them in the correct location relative to each other. To the fireplace and TV peacefully "get along" in the interior, there are many interesting ideas. They can be located on one wall horizontally or diagonally relative to each other. You can arrange a corner recreation area. In this case, they can be installed at close range, but on different walls. It is this design that allows you to organize your space more efficiently. Opposite one of the items can be set up a sofa, and next to the other - a small table with comfortable chairs. As for the style in decorating the interior of the living room, the main thing here is not to overdo it. The TV and the fireplace itself are bright and large details, so the rest of the design should be designed in a more restrained manner. Interior should not be overloaded with a lot of details of the decor, so that nothing distracts attention from the main characters.