Design of a living room with a fireplace: classicism, modern, high-tech

The living room is the main room in the house, becauseit is in this place it is usual to rest with the whole family or in the company of friends. Therefore, to create a warm and friendly environment, the living room design should be given maximum attention. Special comfort and comfort for the guest room is able to give a fireplace, which for a long time is considered a symbol of the home. The fireplace can become not only a real highlight of the interior of the living room, but also the main decoration of the whole house. Classic Living RoomFigure 1. Classical drawing room. Fireplaces made of marble or cast iron with wooden finishes are most suitable for a drawing room in classical style.

When can I install a fireplace?

Planning the design of the living room with the use of a fireplace, you need to take into account some criteria: Figure 2. Fireplace in the living room hi-tech. The high-tech fireplace amazes with its simplicity and elegance. It is decorated with metal alloys or glass.

  • with a fireplace on the firewood is possible only in privatehouse. It is important that the floor near the intended installation site is strong, reliable and heat-resistant. The very same room should be quite spacious (the area should be at least 20 m2).
  • All installation work is better entrusted to professionals, since even the slightest inaccuracies in the design of the fireplace can lead to a lot of inconvenience, up to the occurrence of a fire situation.
  • If we are talking about the design of a living room with a fireplace inapartment, in this case it is possible to use an electric fireplace, which without special difficulties can be purchased in the current market of electrical equipment. The appearance of these devices is designed in such a way that the differences from the present fireplace were minimal.
  • Around the operating fireplace, all pieces of furniture should be placed strictly in accordance with all norms of fire safety, that is not less than 1.5 m from the source of the flame.
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    Which fireplace to choose for a living room?

    Before buying a fireplace it is necessary to decide what kind of use it should be. At the same time, you can stop your choice on one of the following options:

    • solid fuel;
    • gas;
    • electric.

    The design, working on solid fuel, is perfect for decorating a living room in a private house. Layout layout of the living room with fireplace. It should be noted that such fireplaces are made of steel and cast iron, so before the installation it is necessary to further strengthen the floor. Among the advantages of solid fuel fireplaces is:

  • In the absence of electricity in the house, such a fireplace successfully replaces the source of light and heat.
  • Few things can replace the aroma and appearance of burning logs, which emit a characteristic crack.
  • Possibility of cooking certain dishes on the open fire.
  • The ability to adjust the intensity of fire and aroma logs, using this or that type of wood.
  • It is not devoid of such a design and drawbacks:

  • It is not recommended to leave the fireplace unattended while the logs are burning in it.
  • There is a need to protect the space around the fireplace from the possibility of ignition.
  • It is necessary to periodically clean the chimney.
  • This design is suitable for those who do not intend to exploit it every day.
  • Drawing fireplace for the living room. Save the residents from the fuss with solid fuel and provide them with a relatively inexpensive heat can be with a gas fireplace. Modern models are equipped with a programmable thermostat, capable of turning on and off the device at the right time, and also after reaching a certain temperature. In terms of design, the gas fireplace is no worse than solid fuel, because it also uses real fire and there is an opportunity to simulate logs. It does not require a chimney and a place to store firewood. The most environmentally friendly option is an electric fireplace, when working in the surrounding space does not emit neither gas nor smoke. Such installations are quite convenient, they are able to quickly heat the room, and their price is much lower than the first 2 options. Electric fireplaces are manufactured in various color and textured designs, so that they fit perfectly into any design of the living room. Of course, electricity does not carry the attraction that is inherent in an open flame, but the installation of an electric fireplace is an ideal solution for the design of a living room in an apartment. Back to contents</a>

    The use of fireplaces in various design styles

    Figure 3. Fireplace built into the wall. You can use a ready-made cast-iron fireplace built into the wall, which heats the room well and looks great. In order for the fireplace to fit well into the living room, you need to choose the right appearance. The style of the fireplace should match the design of your guest room, as otherwise the design will not be harmonious. The fireplace can be selected for such styles as:

  • Classicism. For a living room decorated in a classical style, the fireplace should be chosen from traditional material: cast iron or marble, trimmed with tiles or ceramics. Classic designs are not equipped with an extra space for storing firewood. They are decorated with products of ancient Roman or ancient Greek directions: bas-reliefs, half-columns, stucco molding (Fig. 1). The proportions of furniture in such a room should be kept very accurately. Excessive minimalism or gigantism should not exist. When decorating the interior is recommended to use furniture from natural materials. A very important factor in the formation of classical design is proper lighting. You can use candles, ornate chandeliers, sconces and floor lamps, which will create different light areas.
  • Modern. Unlike the classics, this style implies rationality and simplicity. The main feature of the modern is the clearly expressed functionality of each piece of furniture (Figure 3). In this style, the fireplace, first of all, serves as a heating device and only then the object of the interior. Even if you have to design a false-fireplace, you can still achieve this effect by creating a pronounced furnace with an imitation of logs and flames.
  • High tech. The main purpose of the fireplace in the living room, decorated in this style, is to defeat guests' imagination with a unique flame control system, a modern afterburning system or a burning intensity. Unlimited human imagination allows fireplaces to acquire incredible shapes that can fascinate anyone. Bold design, elegance, decoration with glass and metal - these are the features of a fireplace decorated in high-tech style. The most suitable options for creating such an interior will be a fireplace-aquarium or a hanging fireplace-bowl (Figure 2).
  • Having shown a little imagination, you can realize your dream into reality and enjoy the winter evenings in the family circle near the hearth.