Decoration of the living room with a fireplace: types of foci, materials, corner installation

Interior of the living room in modern architectureacquires more and more variety of furnishings and variability of furnishings. Decoration of the interior decoration of such a room can combine in its walls several styles of decor, a combination of different textures, furniture from different eras. For example, the living rooms, decorated with a fireplace, are increasingly found today in homes. Fireplace in the middle of the living roomModern fireplaces are adapted for urbandwellings, safe and convenient to use. Of course, the presence of a living room with a fireplace - a frequent privilege of country houses and villas. But even in the interior of city apartments, even studios, modern repair trends stylishly and tastefully build a fireplace group. After all, today fireplaces are professionally and technologically adapted for urban dwellings, safe and convenient for use. As an alternative, there are electric and bio fireplaces that give not only the quintessence of aesthetics but also the function of additional heating.

Sources of heat in the living room

Installation and decoration of fireplaces requires experienceand the skill of a specialist and a fairly wide scale of the living room. Therefore, the repair of the living room with a fireplace requires the presence of a professional stove man or a master for the installation of fireplaces. But besides this, every master of stove business will say that the main requirement of the living room with a fireplace is a firm and strong floor. This is due to the fact that the hearth is a cumbersome structure, the portal of which is often decorated with stone, marble, granite beams and slabs. Picture 1. In the living room with high ceilings and an open fireplace, the interior is better to withstand in the style of minimalism, high-tech, avant-garde, new classic, etc. Repair of the whole room, where the fireplace will be installed, allows to take the chimney from the hearth to the necessary technical sector of the house through the attic to the roof , so the fireplace is most often placed along the wall, sometimes in its center, if this is facilitated by the dimensions of the living room. In the modern interior, there are three types of foci:

  • open;
  • closed;
  • angular.

Open fireplaces are a very large decorationliving room. As a rule, they are placed in houses with high ceilings, in the center of the room, like a hearth with a monolithic portal. The flame is enclosed by glass. In this case, the interior of the living room is best preserved in the style of minimalism, hi-tech, new-classic, avant-garde and other modern design projects (Fig. 1). Closed fireplaces are a traditional solution to the hearth in the living room. They are set by the stove-makers in the center of the wall, maintaining the best traditions of the styles of the peoples of Spain, Normandy, England, France of the XVIII-XIX centuries. Their portals are treated with limestone, because its porous light structure retains the strength of the structure for a long time. Such fireplaces do not require repair for a long time. Is that the periodic cleaning of the chimney. Back to contents</a>

Types of finishing and decoration

Natural and artificial materials for facing fireplace mantels are used as follows:

  • brick;
  • brick-raw;
  • Pebbles;
  • granite;
  • marble;
  • concrete;
  • tree;
  • drywall;
  • fake diamond.

Figure 2. The decoration of the fireplace with a brick on the front can be combined with impregnations along the side walls of mosaic, tile, porcelain. The advantages of finishing and decorating portals are that with the help of a variety of textures it is possible to emphasize the grandeur of the fireplace, highlight it in color in a boring interior, decorate all kinds of lattices, shelves, stucco moldings and other decorations of the fireplace facade. With the help of brick masonry, the fireplace can be raised above the floor, create a stepped base, due to the concrete finish, impart an imitation of polishing or carving on the portal. Nevertheless, the themes of decorating the fireplace assume a combination of several finishes. The use of bricks on the front of the portal can be combined with impregnations along the side walls of the mosaic, tiles, pieces of painted glass or porcelain (Figure 2). Simulation of the fireplace in the living room can be done using wooden panels. Direct designation of such a product does not carry, but the interior will play with its help in a special way exquisitely. The effect of pomposity or officiality will give the wooden panels of red wood species. It is not excluded and the option of framing wood electric fire in the apartments. Back to contents</a>

Corner foci in the interior

The decoration of the room with a corner fireplace carriesThe most successful solution for small apartments. The idea is not new, such thermal installations are laid out precisely from the same materials as traditional foci. But they are based on the question of profitability. After all, the sources of fire and heat with the installation of the portal at the corner are heated immediately through the wall adjacent to this corner of the room with their increased efficiency. The guarantee of safe operation of corner fireplaces is the obligatory layer of non-combustible material, which is laid out when installed between the wall and the rear base of the portal. Figure 3. The corner fireplace significantly saves space in the living room. Installation of a fireplace on the corner will finally make repairs and the long-awaited redevelopment in a traditionally furnished room. Since the entire interior in this case will already "play" from the installed stove. In the living room with angular fireplace can be decorated in classic English style, French, country, and also in the style of baroque, modern, minimalism, hi-tech. It is the corner installation of the hearth that will allow you to arrange furniture and decorate the interior exactly the way most owners want (Figure 3). There are two types: a symmetrical and asymmetrical corner fireplace. Nonsymmetric produces its design zoning room, allowing you to harmoniously organize the space in any style of the interior, and even in a few. Symmetrical will allow to concentrate all attention on itself as on the center of outgoing heat, having located a zone of rest opposite. Figure 4. In the living room with a fireplace should be installed good ventilation and air flow. By its design, corner fireplaces can also be closed, with accessory shelves, grilles and mirrors, with a metal screen disguised in the wall or with a separate stone-chimney. In the design of the room with a fireplace, there is a tendency: the style of the living room should correspond with the furnish of the hearth portal! According to security measures, the rule of one and a half meters is observed: all combustible pieces of furniture should be removed from the fireplace at such a distance, and the base of the fireplace and the floor beside it are lined with non-flammable finishing material. It will be appropriate to install a closed portal or the highest possible grille if the floor is planned to be carpeted in front of it. Do not install foci in the living rooms between the windows and the door, so as not to provoke the ignition of the curtains from the draft. In the living room with a fireplace must be good ventilation and air flow (Figure 4). In other respects, the owners themselves can furnish furniture around the fireplace, placing opposite to a chair or sofa, a coffee or coffee table, along the walls of the shelf, outdoor vases or sideboards. In the country style living room it will be appropriate to place the woodpile next to the fireplace.