Design of a modern office: a look into the future

What future office spaces youngdesigners? What's new, and most importantly - the fresh they can offer? Some works of the graduates of the Modern School of Design fell into our hands, and we will declassify their projects with great pleasure

To begin with it is necessary to tell a little about itselfa school that produces graduates in various design directions. Modern School of Design Modern School of Design - an educational private institution for additional professional education - prepares specialists in various design directions. During the training, visits are organized for students to the production and showrooms, as well as master classes by representatives of leading profile companies. Annually about 200 graduates leave the school. They are given the opportunity to find employment, for this open representatives of companies from different spheres of business are invited to open defense of diploma projects. After graduating from the programs, graduates receive a diploma of professional retraining (an established sample).

Students themselves performed project visualizations,which, of course, do not look like the ones that can hardly be distinguished from the photo. But we appreciate their work and ideas, right? Let us feel ourselves in the role of the members of the examination committee.

The project of Elena Gordienko's office was created for the Germancompany Lieca, which produces photographic equipment. The task is as follows: an open plan area of ​​161 square meters located on the tenth floor of an office building. In the room there are two communication shafts and four supporting columns, which must be harmoniously entered into the layout and interior. From these initial it is required to create a functional, comfortable and ergonomic space. Layout and design

Based on the terms of reference, elongatedThe room of free planning had to be divided into zones. For this purpose, partitions made of GKL and plastic were used. The space acquired forms of the office and was divided as follows:

  • hall;
  • work zone;
  • director's office;
  • negotiation;
  • kitchen;
  • a bathroom.


If you open the door, you will not havedoubt that you were in the office of the company Lieca. Huge lenses in which light, refracted, scattered around, have a practical purpose, being partitions. The diaphragm scale on the floor stretches along the hall, smoothly passing into the working area. Work zone

The main part of the office is workingspace. Its location was determined by panoramic windows, allowing employees to work in natural light for most of the day. Wooden tables perfectly fit into the interior. It is believed that natural materials and textures contribute to active brain activity. Cabinet

The director's office is separated from the general areadarkened glass and as laconic as the work area. However, the chief should have some advantages, and this is a small lawn directly on the desktop. Here, of course, you will not stroll with bare feet, but having passed the palm over it, you will definitely get a pleasant tactile sensation. Is not it lovely? Bathroom and kitchen

A reminder that the company has a long history in the photographic market is the wooden tripods used under the sinks once used for cameras.

In the kitchen, as well as in other areas of the office, wooden finishing materials are used. On both sides of the table are small square stools. Lighting

The office uses several types of lighting. The luminaires on the busbar trunking give brightness in the work area and at the reception. The scattered light is created by a number of built-in lamps, and the suspended chandelier in the waiting area gives extra comfort.