Office design: concrete, ebony and chic window -


Wood and concrete can not be connected? The author of this project argued with an established opinion and created an office space that captures the spirit

Design a beautiful office space inwhich would be comfortable for both visitors and employees, is not an easy task in itself. But to convey the specifics of the business through the interior and to do it stylishly, gracefully and at the same time original is a super task that not every designer can cope with. The author of this project, Dzerasse Kachmazova, succeeded, and, in our opinion, it turned out very well. Dzerassa Kachmazova, interior designer

Deals with residential and public premises.Graduated from the Moscow State University of Civil Engineering with a degree in Industrial and Civil Engineering and the British Higher School of Design with a degree in Interior Designer.

- Re-planning of this room was not required. The company moved to a new office in the center of Moscow, and already working in this space, the customer realized the need to replace the massive furniture that moved from the previous office to a more modern one, with roomy storage systems. It was important to find a suitable place for all subjects and try to accommodate them in such a way that they did not overload the space. The geometry of the room turned out to be unconventional, with a lot of glazing around the perimeter, so it was not easy to fulfill the plan.

The customer wanted to create a modern and brightInterior, with plenty of free space and air, while avoiding cold minimalism. Therefore, as the main material for furniture was chosen ebony, it helped to add a feeling of warmth and comfort.

As the company is engaged in productionConcrete, the designer decided to continue this theme in the furniture. After negotiations, the customer was offered several options, but the final choice was made after the designer found the furniture of the Russian manufacturer Nayada. The customer was very sympathetic to the subjects of this brand and quickly proceeded to harmonize the samples of materials.

As a result, the designer combined the customer's preferences - ebony - with his own idea: concrete inserts.

Possessing an excellent taste and sense of style,The customer took an active part in the work on the project. With him, the designer coordinated every detail, including the inclination of the door handles of cabinets, which were made of concrete inserts.

Except for the design of the table legs all furnitureWas made according to the author's sketches. The main difficulty at the stage of furniture production was the combination of two too different materials, they had to be combined without differences - the joint in the joint. After lengthy approvals, the author managed to translate his idea into reality.

In the process of working on the project, the customer saw inInternet picture, which he really liked. After a stubborn search for the designer managed to find the author - an artist living in the Maldives - and buy a canvas.