Design of the hall in the panel house: basic design techniques

The hall design in the panel house is usually performed withwith the help of specialists, but can be implemented independently. To do this, you just need to get acquainted with some of the design techniques and show a little imagination. Hall in the panel houseThe interior of the hall must be executed in dependencefrom the preferences and tastes of its owners. In modern apartments, the hall serves as a common room in which all members of the family gather to relax or meet friends. Therefore, the design of the hall in an apartment depends largely on the hobbies, aesthetic principles and needs of the tenants. Therefore, each piece of interior can not be accidental. Despite the fact that the hall is often used for the reception of guests, the design of the hall must be made in accordance with the taste and preference of the hosts.

Choosing a style for the audience

At the design of the hall you can use the mostdifferent styles. The main thing is, stick to the rules of the chosen style. The interior of the room can be made in classical and European styles, as well as in the styles of avant-garde, modern, etc. European style is most often chosen by the younger generation (in this style the studio rooms are designed in which the hall and the kitchen are combined). Classical style is usually chosen by reserved and conservative people. Style avant-garde is suitable for people with non-standard thinking and original taste. Expressionism is suitable for romantic natures. Nature lovers may be interested in country style. Design in the Scandinavian style is distinguished by its naturalness, naturalness and simplicity. Back to contents</a>

The main design techniques for the design of the hall

Workplace in the hall is better located near the window. In the development should pay attention primarily to the functional areas of the room and their purpose, color gamut, lighting. It is necessary to manage and accessories, to choose the suitable textiles. If the living room has a sufficiently large area, then it can be divided into 2 main zones: a dining area and a rest area. Separation of zones is done by placing racks, furniture or correct lighting. If the area of ​​the room is small, then divide it into zones is not worth it. Small rooms usually use only one function: for rest or eating. Very often the hall is combined with the kitchen, dividing the two rooms by a bar counter. Thus, the zoning problem is solved by itself. For each zone, suitable furniture is selected, and accents are placed using color and lighting. With the help of the correct selection of colors, you can not only divide the room into zones, but also adjust the room. For example, a light ceiling in combination with a dark floor will make the room visually more stable, a dark ceiling with light walls will expand the room, and light walls with dark floors will increase the area of ​​the hall. The presence of a uniform light finish of the floor and walls makes the hall larger. To increase the depth of the hall make a certain trick: dye one wall a few tones darker than others. Cold light colors can enhance and revitalize the interior. To cold colors, you can include all the shades of purple, blue and blue. To a warm scale carry green, orange, red and yellow colors. For a large hall it is better to choose a saturated color scheme. Yellow and green shades are perfect for a rest zone: they soothe the nervous system. The walls of the hall are recommended for decoration in lighttones, and as a supplement, you can install several wall lamps. Correct the space of the room can be not only with the help of color, but also applying some tricks for decorating walls and decorating windows. If there are too high ceilings, you can cover the wallpaper with wallpaper, which have a horizontal pattern. This will help visually reduce the height of the ceilings. Conversely, a vertical wallpaper pattern will make the ceilings higher. The same effect can be achieved by hanging the cornice closer to the ceiling. Despite the fact that you are going to talk with family members or have decided to receive guests, the interior of the room should be comfortable and cozy. The interior of the hall in the panel house should have a relaxed conversation and rest. Required attributes of a cozy interior in a panel house for most people are:

  • round table, followed by the whole family;
  • fireplace or many candles (the fire symbolizes the family hearth);
  • computer or wall-mounted TV (for joint viewing of films or programs);
  • comfortable upholstered furniture.

Planning the design of the hall, it should first of allto think over, where it is most convenient to arrange furniture and equipment. It should be borne in mind that the TV should be located at a safe distance for the eyes (from all viewing points), furniture should not interfere with movement around the room. A great addition will be a home theater that delivers the maximum pleasure from watching your favorite movies. The interior of the room in the panel house can decorate shelves or open cabinets, on which you can put frames with family photos, vases, souvenirs brought from places of rest, etc. It is important that they not only harmonize with the situation, but also not overload the interior. This is especially valuable if you are planning a hall design, for example, in Khrushchev. It should be understood that not all the objects you like can successfully fit into the interior of the hall. Due to the placement of cumbersome furniture, the space of the room is reduced, which reduces the aesthetic component. Therefore, the basic rule is: the dimensions of objects must match the size of the room in the panel house. Back to contents</a>

The ceiling design and lighting in the hall

In the interior of the hall the tensionceilings with the image of the sky. Stylized ceiling design in a panel house and good lighting are key elements of a successful living room interior. From the design of the ceiling depends largely on the overall impression of the apartment. Designers recommend that when decorating ceilings, use light colors and avoid bright, screaming shades, as they strongly press on the eyes. Creative personalities can choose the original solution: paint the walls and ceiling with paints. When decorating the ceiling in a blue or blue tone, remember that the room will look somewhat cool. Blue and blue tones also reduce appetite and can lead to depressive conditions. Heat is given to yellow, beige and light orange tones. When designing the lighting, the following parameters are taken into account: brightness, distribution and direction of light, color rendition, daytime color, flicker. All these parameters must be properly balanced. Lighting should not interfere with comfortable work with technology. The workplace is better placed next to the window. Local lighting should not completely replace the general lighting of the hall. Point lighting is usually used in the development of design in the style of high-tech, minimalism and modernity. It is best to make a preliminary sketch of the interior design, which you want to get before starting the repair work. Do not buy textiles in advance. Design and color curtains are better to choose when finished all the work on the design of the room: arranged furniture and all accessories. If there is any slight imbalance, then it can easily be adjusted with textiles and accessories (for example, with an overabundance of dark colors in the room you can buy light curtains and bedspreads on upholstered furniture, arrange light pots). </ ul>