Small apartments

Design secrets of a small apartment

For you have interesting information on howto issue a small apartment. And help this famous designer Marcus Hay. A famous Australian decorator owns a tiny dwelling in Big Apple. Being a supporter of simplicity and ease, he wanted to arrange it in the style of the 50s. The master writes regularly for the magazine Real Simple. For comfortable work, he overcame such a long journey. The small square did not become an obstacle to the creation of an interesting and entertaining interior. New stylish brands and things from the flea market are perfectly combined in the apartment. Proof of this are the chairs from Alvar Aalto and Charles Eames, donated by friends, and the treasure of the secondary market is the table of Ero Saarinen. The owner accepted the challenge of fate and proved that even such a modest room can be turned into a comfortable, moreover, cozy apartment. It amazes with its elegance and originality. The secret of success is in the multifunctionality of furniture. A dining table can also be written. The bar counter can be moved to any room, as it has wheels. Marcus placed all his belongings in three closets, left by the former owners. Small items that are practically decoratedall create a wonderful atmosphere and mood in the whole room. Here the owner once again proved that experimenting is great and useful. You can get quite unpredictable results. When you have a small apartment at your disposal, then we advise you to listen to the design secrets of the decorator:

  • Use preferably multifunctional furniture and built-in wardrobes. It is ergonomic and very rational.
  • Do not put large sofas and chairs, and objects on high legs, which take up less space.
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