Design of a small apartment: 20 ideas for organization and design

Well-organized small apartments are oftenproduce a stronger impression than space, where you can easily place even the most cumbersome furniture. In our today's selection - the best ideas for equipping the tiniest areas

Modest area of ​​the apartment no longer bothersmodern tenant. The limited footage creates a huge platform for creativity. Thanks to the transformable furniture and the accessibility of the services of private carpentry workshops, today in the volume of a small studio apartment you can accommodate not only standard kitchen areas and a living room with a convertible sofa, but also a bedroom with a full bed, study and even a wardrobe.

Young people who are just starting out on their ownlife, they are increasingly choosing this option for decorating living space. The kitchen here is used infrequently, although it has the necessary minimum of equipment, the bedroom is increasingly located on the podium, and even completely under the ceiling. In the first case, you can build a spacious storage system in the podium, in the second - in the first level space, under the bed, you can place the aforementioned office or wardrobe. The dining area of ​​the kitchen can be equipped withso that the working position she took only in moments of necessity, all the rest of the time representing a picture on the wall or a few small shelves.