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Design of a small apartment: 5 competently organized interiors -


In this material, we collected five small apartments, where everything fit perfectly. Everything. In addition to the garage

We wrote a huge amount that yearmaterials that in small apartments, which even look cramped without furniture, you can and should live in comfort. In this top, we have collected five of the most, in our opinion, well-organized apartments, where there is much more than could fit at first glance. In Budapest, the architects thought over the design literally by the centimeter. There is a place for each thing. Of course, to some extent, this means that there should be a limited number of things in this apartment. But according to our calculations, here you can comfortably arrange everything you need, and even much more.

The hostess devoted her whole life to the army and in the near futuretime is about to retire. To live next to her daughter, she bought a studio in Odintsovo and turned to Oksana Tsymbalova with a request to correctly decorate the interior in a small area and correctly zoning the studio. Related articles

Poles, like Swedes, know a lot about not only whitecolor, but also in solving daunting tasks of functional zoning. For example, the craftsmen from 3XA were able to accommodate a full living room, kitchen, bedroom and bathroom. The design of this apartment in an understandable language explains to us a long-known truth - the ability to work with form and texture helps to turn even a tiny apartment with white walls into an unusual and bright space.

44 squares - especially if you want to placein this volume, a full bedroom, living room, dining area and a comfortable workplace. A married couple who contacted Oksana Tsymbalova's studio set just such a task for the designer. And how the work on the design of an apartment with large requests went, we tell and show in this article. Related articles

Presenting for a family with two children, most oftenwe imagine a spacious dwelling. But what if the owners have only 41 square meters at their disposal, on which they need to place all the necessary premises and get a bright and functional interior at the exit, making them forget about the real dimensions of the apartment? The founder and head of NW-Interior, Lydia Bolshakova, easily coped with this task.